Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Recap!

We had a great Christmas and I am little sad that is all over!  I swear my house is so depressing now without my tree and all the decorations!  Oh well!  Christmas Eve, Wes and I went over to my parents for our Christmas traditions.  Mom and Dad make oyster stew and brownie pie.  Not sure how we started that tradition but I love it!  Wes and I were so excited about our gifts that we gave Jodi and Dad, here they are:

We made her the door shelf from pinterest.  I also had glass shelves made
Wes had this at his farm that his grandfather used to use.  Dad was excited to have more things for the mountain house

Here are some more pictures from Christmas Eve

Of course I didnt take any pictures of myself or my presents.  But from my family I got a really pretty leaf necklace from Jodi and a cookbook holder.  My parents gave me lots of things.  The rest of my Willowtree nativity scene, cake pop stuff, square tier cake pans, tuperware, a new ornament (picture above) and I think thats it? Everything is put away so I cant remember right now.
Then Wes and I went home and decided to open our presents to each other.  Before we went to my parents he let me open one and it was this...
I asked for one but I didnt expect all of this! I was super excited.  He also gave me some more tuperware (can you tell I really wanted some), The Help and these.. 

A Visa gift card and then some more stocking stuffers...I think that was it.

Christmas morning we headed over to Tommies to see what Santa brought Wyatt and Matthew and then exchanged gifts.  Emily and Levi gave us this for our bedroom..yay!
I also got several nice things there too, but of course no pictures.  But I do have these pictures:

More of my boys...
Well, that pretty much sums up our Christmas.  We are very blessed and had a great one!  Now its time to get ready for the New Year!!

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