Thursday, June 28, 2012

With a heavy heart...

I have to share that Wes and I lost our sweet dog Callie on Monday morning.
A few weeks old

  Wes went to work around 7 on Monday morning and everything was great with both dogs but an hour and 15 minutes later...everything changed!  I said goodbye to Gracie and figured Callie was being lazy somewhere and just not greeting me when I left (she does that a lot especially in the summer).  So I pulled out of the driveway and that is when I saw our Callie.  She was hit by a car sometime after Wes left for work.  (I know some people judge about having dogs run freely, ours may look like they run freely but they dont.  We have spent A LOT of money on wireless fencing and then when they stopped working after a few years, we invested in the underground fence.  Callie was just one tough dog and some days she thought it was worth being shocked to visit her dog friends across the street.)
I have had a really really hard time dealing with losing Callie this week, Wes thinks that me being an animal lover, tender as Jodi says and being 8 months pregnant made me super emotional.  So I figured writing this post would help me cope with everything going on right now because it still seems so unreal!

A little about my Callie or pup-pup:
She loved everyone and never met a stranger but no one was as wonderful as her Wes...
True love..Callie could never take her eyes off of Wes

After a hard day of work

Cuddling with Wes chewing her sock = heaven for Callie

Had to be close to Wes even when working on a car

 Callie had the BEST personality I have ever seen on a dog (no offense to my Gracie..Gracie is just more reserved and "mature" :)).  Callie was a typical dog, loved chewing on things, especially sticks and socks, playing in water and just being outside.

She was so funny too.  Whenever Wes wasnt paying attention to her..she started "sassing him" as we called it.  She wouldnt bark normally but just make short barking sounds (hard to explain) like she was talking back to him.  It always work and she got his attention.  
When she was tired and wanted to rest..she wouldnt find a perfect spot to lay down like most dogs, she would be in the middle of walking and just collapse!  That was mine and Wes' favorite thing and we were so happy she did that Sunday night inside.  We have never laughed so hard at her because she shook the entire room we were in!  Did I mention she was a huge dog (half bloodhound/half pitbull...she was a tank!)
You couldnt pet her without her leaning all 110ish pounds on your legs almost pushing you over.  It was like she went into a trance or something when she was petted :)
This dog loved to cuddle, which I took full advantage of since Gracie isnt a big cuddler.  Gracie just wants to make sure she can touch me or at least see me and that is enough for her!

She also loved her Grace!  Almost a little too much for Gracie sometimes.  They were great together though.  Gracie was great to her as a puppy and I still think she thought Callie was her baby.  She was protective over her and also set her straight when Callie wasnt acting right.  When I called Wes and told her about Callie, I went on to work and he came home to move Callie.  He layed in her the shade until he could make a proper burial site for her and covered her with a towel.  He said Gracie would not leave Wes's side...and if you know Gracie...that never happens!  It was like Gracie needed comforting just like the two of us did.  I still think Gracie looks for Callie to come galloping around the corner...
Sweet pups!

Callie was a HUGE stretcher!

Love these girls!

Waiting patiently for Wesley to hand out treats

Their favorite thing...napping together INSIDE :)
I know this is picture overload but it is really helping me to see all of these pictures...hey, I havent even really teared up yet today!  Big improvement :)

Wes and I were very lucky to be the "parents" to Callie but it was just way to short lived.  We talk about her every night since she passed and Wes just says, "I miss pup-pup" then he remembers a funny thing she did (which were a lot).

So go love on your dog/cat as much as you can, let them come inside know they want to
 spoil them, take them for rides,

 give them a good sock to chew on (even if they cost $20 a pair) because you know they are their favorite,
cuddle with them as much as they let you,

 just love them everyday...I know thats what Im doing with my Grace (not that we didnt do that before :)!

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  1. Aww...sweet Callie! Even though she always jumped on me ;) Great post!