Monday, January 7, 2013

This Weekend..

This weekend, I left work a little early on Friday and spend some time with Miss P. (I had to work on Saturday)  We just hung around the house until Daddy got off of work.  We must have been lazy Friday night because I honestly do not remember what we did!
This weekend, I had to work at a Girl Scout Cookie Rally.  I really didn't have to do too much since I have some awesome volunteers running the programs, but I just had to be there.  Since I didn't have a "job" at the event, I took Paige.  She of course started getting tired once the girls got there.  She took a nap with about 30 K5-1st graders running around..then when they went to their sessions and it was super quiet, Paige woke up...makes sense huh?
This weekend, the three of us headed to our friend's house for a huge Christmas Tree burn. They work a lot with Young Life and have this event each year. I believe there were like 200+ trees! Here are some pictures from that night...Since it was pretty chilly we tried out a new jacket thing for Miss P...reminded us of the kid on Christmas Story.

Paige loved it!

This pictures are hard to see how big it really was!  It was a ton of trees :)
This weekend, we went to church for the first time in forever.  Even though Paige went to the nursery at church, I had to dress her up in her Sunday best!
This weekend, Miss P was rolling around like crazy!! The minute we laid her down somewhere she was gone in a heartbeat!  She loves rolling over :)
This weekend,  Paige and I had a movie day on Sunday.  Wes was there for part of it.  We watched the new Planet of the Apes (Wes picked that one but it was much better than I though), Campaign with Will Ferrell and What to Expect When Expecting.  I loved it and could relate to one of the mom's so much.  It was funny because it brought back so many memories, some that which I want to forget!  I could relate to this mama the best:
And since I seemed to be so uncomfortable the whole pregnancy and Heather didn't seem to have that issue (for the most part) I thought about her when I saw this character:
Ok..the quote isn't why I thought of Heather but this was the only picture I found!
This weekend, was wonderful but since I had to work, it went by WAY too fast!! Let's hope the hours that I am at work goes by as fast as my time off goes!

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend. The Christmas Tree Burn sounds like fun. It would be nice to find something like that in Columbia.