Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I'm Loving...that I only have a few more days until Paige and I go to the beach!! We wish Wesley was going but he has to work.  We are going with his mom (Mimi) and Emily and the boys.  Gerri and Gene will also be there all week.  I haven't had a real vacation in three years...can you believe that?  Besides taking time off at Christmas of course, but I stay home those days.  Last year I was unable to take a vacation because I had to save my days for maternity leave and the year before that I went to Texas for the transplant.  So technically that was a vacation but sorta not too.

I'm Loving...  and so very thankful that I have such a happy baby..for the most part.  I picked her up from school yesterday and she had a different teacher and she couldn't get over how happy Paige is.  She said her baby basically cried the first 8 months of her life.  I couldn't imagine!
I'm Loving... Paige's wagon.  Well, I really have a love hate relationship with it.  Paige loves riding in it and I have to admit, it is pretty cute and I cant wait to see Paige and Matthew riding in it next week at the beach condo!  You know how I said I am so thankful for such a happy baby for the most part...well if Paige sees the wagon and she cant get to it....she is not happy at all!!  This is how she had to eat last night because she saw the wagon in the dining room:
I'm Loving... I get to see Robin next week!  She is one of my favorite cousins and since she lives in Florence we will be close to her while we are at the beach.  So she is coming to play with us on Friday!  Cant wait to see her...its been since November.  Heather and Audrey are also coming to visit while we are there and I think we are going to the aquarium...cant wait!

I'm Loving... this weather! It has warmed up but still not as hot as it was last summer..maybe it is because I am not pregnant, but I swear it was like 100 degrees every day last year.  This year we have had a lot of rain so it has kept the temps down thank goodness!

I'm Loving... my family!  Paige and I will miss Wes/Daddy next week so much.  We hope that he finds time to come stay a night towards the end of the week.  We have made a lot of progress with Paige not crying when Wes holds her and I think a week away from him will really mess that up.  Anyways, I love those two so much and so thankful for them! 
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