Wednesday, August 21, 2013

11 MONTHS!!!

Dear Miss Paige,
Paige, Paige, Paige.  That is all that came to mind when I sit down to think about you being 11 months old!  I have had a hard time getting motivated to write this monthly update for some reason.  I think I may be in shock!  I have loved every month but you have been so much fun this past month.  You have such a cute little personality and you love your Mama...which melts my heart!  Only one month left of being a little (ok that hasn't been the case in a while) baby  before you turn the big one year old!! How crazy is that?? 

I believe you are 21 pounds, I need to weigh you on our food scale to make sure.  I know I could weigh you on a regular scale but you have so much fun balancing on the food scale so might as well do that while we can right?  You are also around 29 inches long...may be reaching 30!    

You are mostly wearing 12 month clothes but a several 9 month clothes still fit great.  You have a lot of clothes to chose from Miss P! The days of you sitting real still for me to take a picture if you cute outfit are over! You always take your bow out and need to be on the go...unless of course your Daddy is behind me entertaining you like he does for your monthly pictures!  You wear shoes more often now.  You are in size 2 the the Sun Sandals and 3 in Stride Rite.  So cute watching you stare at your shoes wondering what in the world is on your foot!  You are still wearing size 3 diapers, probably not for too much longer though.  At night you wear size 4 so you sleep better at night with no leaks!

This month was a mess trying to figure out your feeding schedule! You started the month by having 2 maybe 3 bottles a day and eating a lot of pureed food.  Then we stopped the afternoon bottle because you seemed to not be interested in that one at all.  You also refuse to let me feed you, unless it is needless to say we fought a lot during meal times!  I bought you a lot of baby finger food and you loved them!  You eat the meat sticks (kinda gross but you LOVE them), ravioli, fruit slices, bread, and really anything we cook at night you eat some.  Then by the end of the month, you weren't eating lunch very well so we stopped the morning bottle.  You were having 8 ounces of milk around 8, then yogurt around 10 then lunch at 12 and it was just getting too much.  I decided to see how you acted in the morning with the bottle but your sippy cup, it was like you didn't even know what a bottle was.  
You didn't miss it AT ALL!  So now you have oatmeal and fruit when you wake up in the mornings, a small snack mid morning and you eat a great lunch around 12.  Some days I do not see where you are putting all the food you can eat!  It is so hard to believe that you are down to one night bottle! I am in no rush to get rid of that one though.  So you drink 8 ounces of milk a day which I still pump for you, it sure is nice to only pump in the mornings and night.  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!  You favorite foods right now are: meat sticks, corn dogs, spinach ravioli, lasagna, yogurt and your cheese crackers.  You also love all your fruit juices.

I am so very thankful you are still such a great sleeper! Usually each month there is a week where you have some issues...usually teething and are a little needy at night but other than that you typically sleep from 9pm-8am.  There was a week where you slept from 9-9!  It was so nice because I was off work that week and we didn't have to be anywhere earlier.  I never have to wake you up in the mornings...when that day comes, you bed time will have to be pushed to 830 or earlier.  You still nap in the mornings  for only 30 minutes and then about an hour and half to two hours in the afternoon.  If you don't sleep in the morning then your nap is over 2 hours in the afternoon.  It just varies each day.  Of course you always have a day or two where you feel like you don't need a nap and stay awake just about all day!  You tried to do that the other night and fell asleep eating supper in your highchair...too cute!
Miss Paige...the rate we are going you may have all your teeth by 18 months old! You teethed again this month and you have 8 teeth all the way in and one more coming in on the top but just breaking the rough part is over.  Now if we can only get you to start smiling and showing off those one believes me that you have 9 teeth.  We had to hold you upside down so Gerri can see them and she keeps you every afternoon and that was the first time she saw them!

You didn't have School much this month.  Camp ended and there was a couple week break before the fall semester started.  I took a lot of time off work and then you stayed with  Mimi, BB and Gerri some.  School starts the end of August so and you move up to the one year old class! We will miss Mrs Linda so least you will be in the class connected to hers! :)

I keep waiting every day for you to just start walking.  You are up to 5 steps by your self before you sit close!! I have to admit I love watching you adorable.  Even better when you are holding someones hand and walking beside them..too cute for words!!  Miss Paige, you know how to point now!  You point and make noises at everything you see! It does help when you want something and you can point to it and we can get it for you!  Your Daddy appreciates that a whole lot!  You have mastered the can get where you want to go so fast sometimes...I can hear you coming down the hall because you are so excited to come find me.  Speaking of days of having privacy in the bathroom are know where to find me! Anything that moves is now a walker for even tried to use your big slide as a walker and it worked! Ha!

One of my favorite things about this month is your new found love of stuffed animals! So very cute.  Every time you see your bunny or tiger, you pick it up and love on it!  You even sleep with them now.  After your bottle you always reach for it and will not let me rock you until you have one in your arms.  Last night you needed both of them and you woke up still cuddling both of them this morning!! So sweet!

Besides your stuffed animals and your walkers, you have also loved playing with the balls still and Violet.  You love her lately and know how to make her talk to you and when she says Paige you hug her.  Love it!  You still love taking things out of a box, drawer, cabinet, etc and putting it back in there over and over.  You also still love your wagon and swing.  If you see your swing you point at it going "ohh ohh!" So of course we go swing! You like anything that your Daddy pushes you in because he makes you go faster than anyone else will go with you!  Sometimes I have to close my eyes but you are having a ball!

No new words for you this month but that doesn't mean you aren't trying.  You "talk" all the time and I wish I knew what you were saying because the face expressions you make when you talk you can tell when you are have a look of determination on your face when talking!  Main word you say is Mama still.  Trying to get you to say more words but not having it this month!

I believe the only first you had this month was eating a lot of non-pureed foods.  I don't think you went anywhere new.  For the most part, we stayed home or went to the lake.  We had a great time though! You love playing at the lake and sometimes enjoy a boat ride. Other than that, you visited Aunt Jojos, Mimis, BBs and that is about it. You did go to your cousin Matthew's 2nd birthday party at the lake house.  One of the cutest things you do now is just get so very start waving your hands, bouncing up and down and talking!  I need to get that on video don't I?! Oh you had a photoshoot too!! Hopefully you will have a few more exciting things this month! :)

One of your favorite things to do is to look out the window.  I love it too..lately you have been standing at the back door with your face smushed up against the window and waving when I leave for work...makes going to work a little better sing that cute face!  You love waving too!  You are almost on cue these days.  You wave when someone comes in or leaves the house or if you see a car drive by.  But when someone says bye-bye, you don't always wave until you know for sure they are leaving and you wave when they turn to leave!

Oh my goodness...I love getting you to laugh.  You start belly laughing and it is the best.  Whether I tickle  you, shake my head or make funny noises..they all make you laugh so hard!  You love playing peek-a-boo and I find you "hiding" your face a lot and then I realize you are ready to play!  You also blow kisses all the time.  You even blew them to me the other day when Gerri told you I texted her.  She said that was from Mama and you started blowing kisses!!  You defiantly know what "no" means and when I tell you no, I have to tell you twice but when Daddy tells you know..that is all it takes!  You still cry some when you hear that word but not every time like you used to thank goodness!


All of your firsts: walking 5 steps, blow kisses, wave on command, no bottle in the morning, eating more real food (meat sticks, ravioli, fruit slices, lasagna, corn dog, chicken nuggets, anything we cook for dinner), had your first Chick-fil-A kids meal, first piece of cake and ice cream and first time pulling your bow out!
Here are a couple of my favorite videos from this month! 
What a fun month this was Miss Paige!  I love every month but this month was one of my favorites.   Your personality is really shining through and it is wonderful!  For the most part you are so happy and really love being around everyone.  You are still a little hesitant when a new male is around but adapt pretty quickly.  I can not believe that you are 11 months I say all the just blows my mind.  You will be starting school next week and will be in the one year old class! You will be the youngest in there but since you are so mobile they think you will prefer being in that class.  I can not wait to see what you do in the upcoming month!  It is sure to be a great one!  I have a feeling we will be talking about how you are walking everywhere!  Oh Miss Paige, your Daddy and I love you so very much.  We are so lucky to have you and look so forward to spending each day with you!  Happy 11 months sweet baby!
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