Thursday, March 20, 2014

Consignment Sales

I love Children's Consignment Sales in general but my hometown has several throughout the year and there is one that really is better (in my opinion) than the rest.  The Cambridge sale is wonderful!  I mainly just go to consignment sales to check out the Boutique Racks and this sale always has the best selection.  But the trick to getting the best is that you have to Volunteer so you can shop first!  The second part of making sure you have a successful shopping trip *I figured this part out this year* volunteer to help sort the day before the sale starts so you can see what all is available!  I helped sort the other day and I saw several cute items for Miss Paige and I knew I had to get there when the door opened!

So the sale started for all volunteers Wednesday at 5pm.  Last time I volunteered, I got there at like 4:50 and there as a line out the door.  So this time, I took my work phone and got there at 4:15.  I worked while I was in line and guess what, I was the first one in line.  I was there for like 2 seconds and then a herd of people came in!  So we just waited patiently until the opened the doors and since I sorted I knew right where Paige's size in the boutique section was and I racked up!  I think I got every cute thing in 24m-2T...well, at least everything that I wanted.  I was done in like 2 minutes, so I decided to walk around and look at the play clothes and found a sweet white cardigan for Easter and the cutest seersucker dress with the tags on!  

Here are my finds:

I was so happy when I saw this romper....Paige had this same one in size 6 months and it was always one of my favorites.  Now she can wear it in the fall and next winter! Yay!

This outfit actually came from a friend not the sale, but since we just got it, I had to share!
I searched EVERYWHERE for a white cardigan last when I saw this one I had to snatch it up!
I have wanted this outfit for awhile.  It is from my favorite little store in town, Sweet Tea's and I debated to buy it when they had it on clearance but I never did.  Good thing because I bought this for $4!
Can't pass up a $7 smocked dress!
I found a couple pairs of cute shorts that should fit later this summer and hopefully next spring too!
I love Ruffle Butts shorts!
And Molly & Kate!
This cute pants for next fall/winter...
And my surprise find...
I love this dress..I want one in my size!  I am thinking this may be cute for her Spring pictures at school next week!

And the last thing I bought was for Gerri, who used to keep Paige.  She always spoils Paige rotten so we bought her new grand baby something..

I was proud of my purchases and my total was $46!  That is like one new outfit from a boutique store!  

Sorry to bore you with my purchases but I just had to share!

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