Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Weekend Recap

The most exciting thing happened last week! (It wasn't during the weekend but I have to tell you about it!).  Well, it wasn't very exciting at first....I was driving around town on Wednesday and my car started making this horrific noise.  Unfortunately, that has happened quite a bit lately.  First time was going to my Greenville office and basically the front driver wheel just feel off...along with a few other parts...it was awful!  So we got that fixed and then in January, I was driving back from middle of nowhere in Abbeville and my car wouldn't go over 20 mph!  Guess what...the transmission was shot!  So we had it rebuilt...$1,800 later!  So I was so mad when I heard this noise...I am over fixing my Tahoe!  But I love that car so much..it was awesome!  We just couldn't invest any more money in it, it wasn't worth it.  So after supper Wednesday night, we decided to go look for a new-used car!  I would love a brand new car, but there is no way I can afford those payments!

We went to every dealer (well, good dealers) in town.  We started looking at Tahoes and Suburbans...those are our favorites.  All of the used ones from 2008-2009 had over 100,000 miles on them.  I just couldn't justify paying 20,000 for a car with that many miles.  So after much thought, I agreed to look at some smaller vehicles.  I didn't like anything that I saw, but then I saw a Toyota Venza and I thought, I could handle this.  It is a lot smaller but still room for two car seats (no we aren't expecting any time soon, but we knew in the next few years we would probably have another one, so we have to take that into consideration.) and it also had a lot of room for my work stuff to go in.  It only had about 50,000 miles and was around $18,000.  It was top on my list.  We decided to go back to the dealer that had the Tahoe and Suburbans so I could look at other cars there.  I found the one I wanted!  It was a 2008 Cadillac SRX4 with 50,000 miles.  I never thought that would have been in my price range but it was!  I knew that I needed to test drive both cars and see which one gave me the best trade in value for my falling apart Tahoe, but that had to wait until Thursday when they opened.

I had to scratch the Venza off my list, they wouldn't come down on the price or give me a decent trade.  After driving the cars, I knew I wanted the SRX4, it drove better and much roomier than the other, plus had a larger trunk area...which is important for work.  So after I drove it, Wes met me up there to talk the the salesman.  He told him what was wrong with the Tahoe, he test drove it, so he was going to hear the awful noise!  After they negotiated the price, he gave me a great trade in and a even better price!  I signed some papers, got a loan, signed more papers and traded keys!  I am so happy with my low car payments (as happy as you can be with a car payment...haven't had one since 2008).
Isn't she pretty?  I bought a tag for the front of it which makes it mine for real now.  I will miss my Tahoe but I am defiantly happy with my purchase!

Ok..enough about my car.  You want to hear a funny story?  The other night, Wes decided the move the ramp he built at his mom's house.  His grandma is in a wheelchair, so whenever she visits from Texas, she needs the ramp.  It was time for it to be removed, but one problem...all the grandbabies LOVE playing on this ramp!  Since we live right next door, Paige is able to play on the ramp every day...one of her favorite things to do.  I wasn't real sure how this would go with Paige watching...it didn't go well!  I decided to video Wes doing this, not for Paige's reaction but I thought it was neat how he was doing it.....
Poor baby was devastated.  But her sweet Daddy moved it to the back yard on a hill coming from the woods.  So she can still play on it.  It is even better because you cad ride the 4-wheeler on it now.  She loves it!  She keeps pointing at it and saying "dada" then points at the tractor. 
Lets see..what else did we do this weekend?  We went to eat BBQ for supper Friday night and then I guess we just played outside the rest of the night.  Saturday, Paige and I played for a while and then picked up Mimi and we went to look for some Crocs.  Paige loved hers last year and needed something to wear while she plays in the water.  She loved trying on lots and lots of shoes and luckily she loved her Crocs.  After lunch, I dropped Paige off at Mimi's for the rest of the day because me, Mom and Jodi were heading to Florence for my cousin Sterling's wedding.  Mimi had a big day planed for Paige...she bought a little pool and they were having a water day!  Fun Times!

So we were on the road to Florence...we all really dislike this town.  My Dad is from there and some of his family still lives there.  The wedding was very small and was held at the park in the gazebo...very pretty!  It was great to see my cousin Robin!  Sterling, my second cousin and the groom, is a nut! He gets emotional and he was trying to hold back tears so he was very chatty as the wedding party was coming in!  It was kinda funny :)  The wedding was short and sweet and then we headed to the reception.  We caught up with my cousin Charles, uncle of groom, and just hung out waiting over an hour for the wedding party...it took them FOREVER!  They finally got there and we watched them dance, cut the cake and we spoke with them before we headed back home.  They are a gorgeous couple by the way!
                             Photo: Back from Florence from my cousins wedding..what a pretty couple they are! Congrats Sterling and Leah!                             
Sunday, we just hung around the house that morning with Daddy and then Paige and I went to meet Mom and Jodi for lunch to celebrate Mother's Day a week early since Mom and Dad are going out of town.  It was also Jodi's birthday..so two great things to celebrate.  Lunch was wonderful and then we headed to visit Mema for a little while.  We talked Mema into sitting outside, one reason is her house is always so hot and another was so Paige could play.  So we sat outside and Mema ate her milkshake Mom took her and tried to share with Paige...she wasn't too interested though.  I love these pictures of Mema and Paige!

 How sweet are those?  It was getting to be nap time, so Paige and I went home.  I had big plan of cleaning the house while she napped, but I caught up on Bravo shows! I don't get to watch what I want to watch that often these days so I had to take advantage of this time.  Once Paige woke up, we loaded back up and headed to my parents pond where Wes and Jonathan were riding in the canoe and fishing.  We stayed out there for a little while before heading home for supper and to play outside.

It was a fun weekend!  I just love our weekends together...never know what we will get into!
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