Monday, March 12, 2012

Baby Bowling's Story...

For those of you that know my well, you all know that I have a hard time keeping a secret.  So when I found out I was pregnant, I wanted to tell the world but told myself I had to wait!
So here is a little recap of how I told everyone:

Lets go back a few months. It was around Halloween and Wes and I were talking about all these people who were pregnant and I told him it was getting bad because I was now jealous of all those people (happy for them too of course).  So he said, well why don't you stop taking the pill?  I was thrilled but unsure at the same time.  I told him that I had to get a new prescription the next day so he only had a day to change his mind...well, he never did. fast forward to end of December.  Wes and I decided to go ride 4-wheelers before the parks close for the season and I usually really enjoy the easy trails.  Well not this day.  I kept having to pull over because I was nauseous.  Over the past week I was also burping a lot!  I never burp either!  So I was thinking..."Am I pregnant??"  I kept telling myself I wasn't because I just had my friend two and a half weeks prior.  I wouldn't have symptoms this early.

So a couple more days passed and Heather called me and said "There's not a not in front of pregnant!"  It took me a second to figure out what she said.  I was so excited!  She was of course in shock for a while.  Then I had to fess up and tell her how I was excited for her but also a little jealous too.  I figure you can tell her bf that right?  She completely understood and since she was one of the very few that knew we were off the pill she was and Wes better hurry so we can have a baby at the same time.  I told her about my symptoms and told her I was still to early to take a test but will in a week.

Ok..the next Friday, I was at work at my corporate office getting supplies for a work event the next day and my coworker said..."you are pregnant!"  She just had a baby a couple months before by the way.  I was of course thinking she was crazy.  She wouldn't let me lift any thing of really help her get anything ready.  I was still 8 days away from my friend so I told her it was just to early and that I wasn't (I didn't want to get my hopes up).  On the way home from Greenville, I stopped by CVS and bought some tests for the next morning.

Now it is Saturday, January 7th. Wes and I are watching TV in the living room that morning and I snuck off to the bathroom and took the test.  Knowing that I was still 7 days before "my friend" was supposed to come I didn't expect much.  Well just a couple seconds later I saw this:
Even though I knew I was pregnant I was still shocked to see that word!! I walked into the living room and told Wes that I had something to show him...We both just kind of looked at it.  We both were "ready" for this and knew it could happen fast but we both thought it would take longer to get pregnant..defiantly more than 2 months.  We both agreed to keep it a secret from family and friends for a while.  He did agree that I could tell Heather since she told me and so that we can go through this stuff together.
So Wes went off to work and I called Heather.  She said hello and I said "There wasn't a not in front of my pregnant either!"  She said oh..ok.  If anyone knows Heather you know that she would get so excited for you if you just said that you were drinking a diet coke or something.  So I knew she didn't get it.  After another second..she was caught on!  We always talked about having a baby at the same time but who would have thought that all 4 of us (us and our hubby's) would be ready at the same time!  Even though we found out about a week apart, we are actually 3 weeks apart!

So then it was secret time!  Luckily we didn't see many people in January because I felt like crap and you would probably guess if you saw me.  I had my first doctors appointment at 6 weeks and I was finally ready to tell our parents.  I wanted to tell them at the same time but out parents are never together at the same time except for my birthday dinner.  Wes's birthday is January 23 and mine is February 9th so I asked mom if we could get together for between the two days and invite his parents over.  She agreed and of course didn't think anything of it (our parents didn't know we were trying to get pregnant so it was a complete surprise)

Everyone (Wes, my parents, Jodi (she already knew), his parents and my g-ma) were all at my parents house waiting for me to get there from work and I walk in with a cake carrier.  I told them I decided to decorate a cake for the night and wanted to show them:
 It took everyone a second then my mom jumped off the couch and said "are you pregnant?!?!" She figured it out :)  My mother in law thought I baked a cake for a baby shower or something lol.  It was a huge hit and so great to finally tell my parents!

6 weeks later (last week) I went to the doctor and heard that heartbeat! I was finally ready to tell the rest of our family and friends and of course facebook and on blogworld!

It has been so much fun telling people and I am so glad I don't have to keep that secret anymore!!!


  1. That is such a sweet story, Jami!! How exciting :-D I'm still sooo excited for you!!!

  2. So exciting to be pregnant at the same time as your BFF. :) My best friend and I were pregnant at the same time, too - due 3 days apart and ended up having our babies 11 days apart :)