Monday, October 1, 2012

Just Mommy and Paige!


Today was the first day that Paige and I were by ourselves all day and I can honestly say that not one tear was shed by Mommy!  I have been pretty emotional lately but I survived the day! There have been some days when no one was with us for a couple hours but we were on our own all day today.  Last night was also the first night I tackled the night duties by myself.  Wes said he would wake up and help but I figured since he had to work I would try it out myself and just get him if I needed him.  Paige had a hard time falling asleep last night and by the time she finally fell was almost time to pump and feed her again.  We finally got some sleep after that feeding and then we ended up staying in bed until almost 9:30.  I just couldn't get motivated!

We really had a pretty good day despite the fact that she fought sleep ALL DAY LONG!  She took a tiny nap here and there but not like what she normally does.  She never really was that fussy just awake and needy.  We did a lot of cuddling and laying around all day.  Anytime I got up to do anything, she was not happy.  She didn't have to be held all day, just wanted to know I was close to her.  Paige finally feel asleep around 5:30 and have been sleeping since.  Not going to lie...its been really nice this past hour and half.  I just hope she sleeps well tonight!

Wes has been checking in a lot today, I think he was worried about us being by ourselves too.  He told me several times he felt bad that I didn't get much sleep...but that is just something I have to get used too.  As I was typing this Wes just sent a text message from the deer stand that said, "I still cant believe that we have a daughter" (I know..long first day by ourselves and he is hunting!  Its the first day of the season and I know how much he loves it...I would hate for him to miss out). 

I think we are both in shock that we do have a baby.  We wouldn't change it for the world...maybe change the hospital bills! haha  We are so lucky to have Miss Paige here and I just wish that I could stay home with her everyday!! Maybe Wes will get a HUGE raise at work! HA HA

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