Saturday, October 27, 2012

Newborn Essentials

I always enjoy what other Moms have found to work the best and worst for their babies and told myself that I would blog about what we like for Paige but of course I keep forgetting about it.  Heather wrote about it the other day and it reminded me!

Looking back when I registered, we had no idea what we needed really..every baby is different.  So we registered for what we have heard worked well and just what we thought we would need.  Here are a few things we couldn't live without these last 6 weeks!

This was one of the tings I registered for and didn't really care if we got because I figured it would be just as easy to warm bottles with water...what was I thinking. This bottle warmer is the best!  We love it
I cant say enough about the Wubbanub pacifiers.  They are wonderful and will stay in their mouths longer than other pacis!
I don't think any of us would have gotten any sleep if we didn't have a Nap Nanny!  This by far is best thing ever invented...Paige sleeps great in it!!
Then there are a few things we thought would be wonderful but not so much in our household...
Paige DOES NOT like to be swaddled at all!  This girl loves to stretch out and have her arms and legs free.
We also have a bassinet that we rarely use because she only sleeps about 30 minutes at a time when shes flat on her back.
Those are the main items that are great and not so great for Miss Paige!

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