Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Things About Me

Have you all seen this going around on Facebook?  I have been debating for a while if I wanted to participate or not, and this morning I caved in.  So I figured I would share on here as well.  Here are 10 things you may or may not have known about me...
1. Wes and I both grew up in the same town, same age, same grade and a lot of the same friends but we didn't meet each other until we were almost 22.

2. I received a rejection letter from Clemson and it broke my heart, but everything happens for a reason and I was accepted into a summer program for people from S.C. who didn't get accepted (had to be Agriculture major so I changed my major for that reason) and only 20ish people were accepted. So I just got to start my college experience 6 weeks early and I am SO glad I did...I met some of my favorite people in the STEP program!

3. I am far from being an athlete, but I was on athletic scholarship at Clemson and lettered! I was an equipment manager for women's tennis and all managers were considered "athletes" (they are paid hourly now) and we registered for classes early, on scholarship (received money for food and housing two years), had all the perks athletes have! I have a Clemson Letterman's jacket too!

4. I lost two friends in college in a small plan crash and was involved in a horrible car accident with the tennis team and I think about those two events often...

5. I wish I had a group of girlfriends in Greenwood. All of my close friends are all around the nation...and Barbados. I miss having a group of girls to hang out with!
That being said...I need to get better with seeing and talking to my friends more!

6. I was an organ donor (ok most of you know that but I am pretty proud of it). I donated stem cells to save Jodi's life. The day she was diagnosed she told me that I was going to save her life (we knew the chances were slim that I would be a match) but ever since she told me that, I knew it was going to work out...I mean it had to right?

7. I like to joke around with Jodi about #6...I have to make light of the situation you know. Whenever she has an update from a doctor..I just say "you are welcome".

8. I am an animal lover but I HATE all the dog/animal things on Facebook.

9. I am so excited to be able to relive my childhood through Paige. I cant wait to see what her interests are. I hated dance when I was younger, but I cant wait to see if Paige will like it...I really hope she does!

10. I still get excited to see Wes everyday when we get home from work and I hope that never changes. That being said...I do love those nights when he hunts or something and I have the house to myself (plus Paige and Lemmy).

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