Wednesday, December 4, 2013


I guess since Thanksgiving was almost a week ago it is finally time for my to recap our Thanksgiving Holiday right?  I left work early on Wednesday and spend the afternoon playing with Miss Paige and relaxing.  It was a very low key day/night for us.  Thursday morning, we went over to Mimi's for breakfast.  Emily and the boys were in town for most of the week so we were able to have a lot of cousin time which was wonderful!

We spent all day Thursday over at Mimi's with lots and lots of food!  Wes had to help a friend out with his hot water heater that decided to break while they were spending this week at their cabin.  He made it back right before lunch!  Mimi had a good breakfast, snacks and of course everything you can think of for Thanksgiving Dinner. 
After lunch, Wes took Wyatt and Lemmy out for a hunting trip in the back yard.  I think they had a great time....

Wyatt was so proud of his catch but man is that not gross or what??  I love that Lemmy is so excited to go hunting!  That is why Wes wanted a beagle so he could take her hunting for small game.  
Thankfully Paige was more impressed with Jack than the squirrels... 
After that fun adventure, I took Paige home for a nap and Wes went back to the farm to hunt with the Carey's.  Thursday evening, we went back to Tommi's and had leftovers and had more fun cousin time.  

Friday Paige and I picked up Tommie and Emily and went to a few stores for Tommie.  She had a few things she wanted to exchange and pick up.  We spent all morning shopping and ended with lunch at McAlister's Deli.  I believe Paige is a huge fan of that place...who knew??  After lunch we headed up for nap time.  We had family over on Friday at Tommie's for some yummy low country boil and a bon fire outside!
Saturday Paige and I stayed home ALL day long and it was great! Jodi and Alyssa came over with breakfast and helped me get all my Christmas decorations down from the attack and then even helped me clean up and decorate!  I love love love my decorations and love Christmas even more! We got everything finished except for the tree.  Once that is up and decorated I will share all our decorations!  

Later that evening, it was time for our big rivarly game.  Clemson for USC.  I have a love hate realtionship with this game.  I love football but I hate the negative aspects of this game.  But what I hate most of all is that USC has bragging rights for yet another year.  Oh well, that awful game is over and I am so thankful I am a tiger fan!
Sunday morning, we headed back over to Mimi's for breakfast with the cousins!

We played all morning until it was time for them to leave to head back to North Carolina, so we went home for nap time!  Later that evening, Paige and I went to visit Mema, BB and Boompa!

We had a great Thanksgiving!
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