Monday, April 14, 2014

Our Weekend

Our weekend consisted of the outdoors!  We spent Friday evening outside, Saturday outside, and Sunday this time of year!  

I really cant recall details of Friday.  Wes's grandma left Saturday to go back to Texas, so we spent some time with her.  Other than that, we just played outside.  Saturday morning, we headed to the YMCA because they were hosting a Healthy Kids event and all local PE teachers were asked to help, so my MIL was there.  Out of the 8 teachers that were supposed to be there, she was the only one that showed up!  Anyways, it was mainly for elementary aged kids so Paige didn't have much she could do, but the Humane Society was there with 3 dogs, so Paige loved that part! They also had bouncy houses and an obstacle course that kept her entertained!

We were there about all morning and then came home to have lunch and guess outside.  Wes was home from work and he was ready for the next project.  He plowed and plowed and plowed the fields to get ready to plant his crops.  Paige rode the tractor with him for along time.  If she wasn't on the tractor, she wanted to ride the 4-wheeler with me.  We planted two large sunflower fields, a huge field of corn in our side yard and in the back yard we planted a few kinds of beans, cantaloupe, okra, squash and more that I can not think of right now!  I can not wait to have all these fresh veggies in the upcoming months!

Garden behind our house

                      Daddy and Paige hard at work planting sunflowers!

                        Fields in our side yard (sunflowers and corn to the right)

Looking back to our will be nice to lookout my bathroom window and see a beautiful sunflower field! (we have to get rid of the trees Wes cut down first!)
We played so long outside on Saturday that the time slipped from us.  Paige started saying "EAT. EAT." over and over.  I think she was was 7:30, so I cant blame her!  

Sunday, we worked on our gardens and finished them up.  We did more tractor rides and 4-wheeler rides.  Paige loves watering her flowers and what should be a 5 minute job usually takes about 20 minutes with her...she makes it fun!  Mid morning, Wes set up the large sprinkler for the back garden and Paige was ready for her "nack" so we set ion lawn chairs watching the sprinkler....

  We love everything about our new house and property.  We have so much room to play and it is wonderful.  Between our house and in-laws, there is about 20 acres with lots of trails to ride the 4wheelers on.  We truly are blessed!
Side Note:
 Random videos of Paige from the weekend that I wanted to share:
 Happy Monday everyone!!


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  1. What a beautiful huge yard! Sounds like a really fun weekend :)

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