Thursday, April 21, 2011

Much needed prayers!

I few days ago I asked for prayers for my sister...keep them coming.  On Monday, she went to the doctor to check on some "rashes" she had on her leg.  Well she had those rashes because her blood platelets were extremely low.  She has 29 and you are supposed to have 150-450.  So they ordered more test and they called her in yesterday morning for the results.  She has AML, acute leukemia.  So I think everyone she knew (who didn't have a cold) drove to see her in the hospital last night.  I appreciate that so was a nice break from all the tears! (Jodi calls me tenderhearted...but I cant help it!)  :)

So she and my parents are flying right now to the best hospital in the country for AML.  She will be there about 6 weeks for chemo.  Once that is over with she will need a bone marrow transplant, which is the only cure.  Siblings are the best matches, so I will be tested and if I am a match, I will head to Texas to (as my sister says) save her life.  No pressure right?? :)  Of course without a doubt I will do anything I have to do to help my sister, but at the same time, it scares me to death!  I know that may be selfish, but its natural right??

If you like to donate blood...she needs all the platelets donations as possible!  She will get those everyday for a while.  If you get the urge, please donate in my sisters name, Jodi Oliver.  We will all be very grateful for you.  Just keep us in your prayers..these next few weeks will be tough!

She did hear good news this morning before her flight...the doctor told her that the leukemia has not affected any of her major organs yet!! YAY!  I was actually able to smile big for the first time dealing with AML!  As Jodi says we will take this "one hour at a time".  I wish I had her strength! :)

Thank you in advance for all your prayers!


  1. praying for your sister friend! let me know if i can do anything! but you have my prayers!

  2. Oh Jami. I'm so sorry to hear of this. We will send prayers up for strength for your family and healing for your sister.