Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday

1. Christmas Ornaments!  I love Christmas and decorating my tree.  Growing up, our tree was decorated with lots of ornaments that my sister and I made and I loved it!  So now (since we don't have kids yet) I can look at our Christmas tree and reminisce about all the places I have been, or where my parents have traveled.
Everywhere I go, I have to buy an ornament.  I spend hours decorating my tree because it takes me down memory lane and I love it.  Here is a couple that Wes and I had made last year for our babies :)

Gracie and Callie's puppy ornaments :)

Our tree!

2. I cant think of anything else that I collect anymore.  When I was younger I collected tea sets.  I guess I collect books on my Kindle now!  I am 97% finished with this book...
I think I'm going to take a short break with this series and read one of these next..

On a side note...my sister is having some medical issues, I am not going into details at this time, but please keep Jodi in your thoughts and prayers! Thanks :)


  1. Love Emily Giffin's books and I'm sure you will too!

  2. Praying for your sister! So neat to collect ornaments and definately Emily Giffin book is on my list too for reading :)

  3. I collect these too! I have well over 200 books!