Thursday, August 11, 2011

100th Post!

I can not believe that I have already reached 100 posts!! Like I said yesterday, I was going to write about something I am obsessed with for my 100th post...which is Clemson football! I am a huge fan and supporter of Clemson Athletics and I can not wait until football season to finally get here!!  I have been to almost every home game since 1983 (I have missed a couple because of family matters and work, but those numbers are limited!!)  
I wish I had my old pictures to put on  here, but my Dad used to be in charge of the football field so I have pretty cute pictures of us on the field when I was younger...I may have to find those!
Clemson doesn't have the best team in the country but to me, there is nothing better.  Clemson is so very close to my heart, i love the campus, the school colors (makes for a great atmosphere...lots of color instead of black..:)) the traditions, and people.  I love everything about we just have to win lots of games!!  
Going to the games isn't just about the game itself (but I am one of those girls that has to watch every play of the game!), it is also a high school reunion, college reunion, and a great time to see family and other friends and you get to do this about 8 times a year!  How awesome is that?!?!

 Of course a blog post wouldn't be complete without are a few that go through a typical game day for us:

Sloan Street...I was going to this bar when I was very young

Jimmy Howard, son of Frank Howard, and Dad's buddy

Me and Ashley

My Dad is a UGA shirt because South Carolina was playing them that day

No gameday is complete without stopping by The Beaded Tiger table

Jodi (before she lost 100 pounds)

Meeting my friends baby for the first time

Tiger Tailgate radio station came by to interview my parents

Me and Heather at my tailgate

We even have birthday parties!

Ray and Heather...Ray came to get brownies

My hubby comes to one game a year

JULIE G!! I only get to see her on gamedays!

Pre game warm ups

My tennis team being recognized (2005)

Tiger Rag!

Its time!!

Love this part!

See what I mean about bright pretty!

Night games are even better!

Away games are fun too!

This is where I sat in High school before I cared about watching the game!

Celebrating in TD's afterwards with Ashley
 Then it is game favorite part as to why I don't have pictures...I have to put the camera away to pay attention! 
Only 23 more days until kickoff!!! :)


  1. Happy 100th blog post!!! :)

    I'm totally a football fan!! I was on drill team in high school so I went to every football game for 4 years, home and away, and I absolutely LOVED it!! I'm also a big Cleveland Browns fan, even though we are awful, but I'm always gonna be a fan :) I hope to make it to another game this year!! Your pics are great and it looks like you really do love Clemson football :)

  2. Yay for 100!!
    I love me some football season. My hubby coaches high school and was a VOL (still is I suppose, but he played on the 98 Natl Champ team). Anyhoo... we are looking forward to a great HS season. Not sure abt them Vols though.

    Hope your team has a great season!