Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend Recap

I honestly can not remember what we did on Friday night...must have been eventful huh??  Wes had to work Saturday morning so I knew I had a few hours with out anything to do that morning, so I called Sarah and we went to get pedicures!  I hate to admit this, but it has been almost a year since I did this.  I was a bit embarrassed because the girl was talking about my blisters on my feet..I know it is gross but that's what happens when I walk on the treadmill a lot! :)  Oh well...more reason to get a pedicure right?
By the time I got home, Wes was there and we were ready to hit the road.  We went to North Carolina so we could finally meet our new nephew.  I was so excited...Wes not so much!! Wes is a little uncomfortable being around a newborn, but he did so much better with Matthew than he did when Wyatt was born!  Look how perfect he is...
Cuddling with Aunt Jami

I personally think he looks like a pro right??

Wyatt loves his tractors and really loved that his Uncle Wes came to see him
 It was a great weekend with my boys and I was so sad to leave them!  If it wasnt for Wes being anxious to leave, I may still be there with them. haha  When we got home, I decided to cook supper (I used to post our meals a lot on here but haven't thought to do so lately).  Doesn't our supper look yummy??

Yesterday was a HUGE day by the way.  It was the day my sister received my stem cells.  Transplant day is also called her re-birthday...I love it!  The procedure only took about an hour and a half and it was over.
Dr. Alousi and Jodi talking...probably just Jodi talking (shes pretty chatty!)

That's the stem cells on the right
Now we can see the finish line...on (or before) day 100 Jodi and my parents get to come back to South Carolina for good.  They said there was less than a 1% chance that Jodi's body would reject my stem cells..isn't that awesome?!?  

If you sent her a re-birthday card...thank you! She got like 15 or so of them yesterday!

As you know we are selling "Jodis a Rockstar" t-shirts and the people who bought them are sending in pictures of them wearing their new shirts.  Well, people have started sending in pictures of their dogs wearing the shirts.  Wes got pumped and we decided to do the same..
Callie wasn't sure what to do...she played dead the whole time :)

of course Gracie loves to smile for the camera!
 This may be the most random post ever..but I guess I can get away with is since it is weekend recap right??  

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  1. Random is good! YAY for Jodi getting her transplant!!! Can't wait to hear when she's back home for good! And your nephew is soo cute!! Glad you had a good weekend :)