Monday, September 19, 2011

What a great weekend!!

I can not believe it is already Monday...I think I say that every Monday!! Time just goes by so fast, hard to keep up! :)
Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1.  Food:  I had a great weekend! Friday night I cooked and cooked to get ready for the tail gate.  Sarah comes over every Friday night to prepare for the game on Saturday.  This is what we prepared this week:
Sausage Balls
Sausage and Cheese biscuits
Lemon Squares
Deviled Eggs
Taco Dip
Of course I was thinking I would take pictures of all the goodies each week so I could share with you...and I always forget.  But I did take a picture of the yummy lemon squares :)

2. Victory:   I have been waiting for Saturday for about a year now.  I have always liked Auburn so when I saw a few years ago that we would travel to Auburn and they would come to Death Valley..I was pumped. Last years game in Auburn was amazing and heart breaking all in one.  So I was ready for some payback for my tigers!  The first quarter was AWFUL.  I was sitting there thinking...this will be a long game.  But Dabo and the other coaches got everything fixed and my tigers showed up.  I havent heard our stadium that loud in so long.  The atmosphere was amazing!  I saw the Tiger holding this sign during the game and loved it...
 You want to hear how loud it really was....look at this video after our defense intercepted Auburn!
I could go on and on about the game but I will stop!  We have another HUGE game this weekend.  ACC opener against FSU!

3. Friends  I got to see some of my favorite people on Saturday and unfortuantly I have zero pictures to prove it. (Julie will be sending me some soon :))  Alix and her family came from Texas, Julie from Tennessee, some great friends from Greenwood that I never see Matt and Kristal were there, and I met a fellow blogger! This was the first meeting with a blogger friend and it felt like we have known each other for a while.  Aubrey
has been very supportive of me and my sister through Jodi's whole process and she even bought a couple "Rockstar Shirts".  So we met up in Clemson on Saturday so I could get her the shirts. 
4. Nephews:  Sunday morning Wes and I headed over to his parents house to see my favorite two boys...Wyatt and Matthew!  Of course I took Matthew over and feed him and just held him...I love babies :) 

Trying to figure out who Aunt Jami is

Wyatt wasnt feeling that great but still managed to talk Wes into taking him around on the 4-wheeler.  We had lunch and then headed back home.  We had a very lazy rest of the day, Wes slept like 2 hours and I worked on a puzzle and cleaned the house.  We went out for Japanesse for dinner..YUM!

We had a great weekend with great weather and cant wait for another fun weekend!!


  1. All the food you made sounds sooo yummy! And I saw that Clemson beat Auburn and I thought of you..yay!!! Glad you had such a good weekend :)

  2. Hi from Monday Mingle!

    That's so exciting that you met a fellow blogger friend!! I wonder if that will ever happen to me...hopefully! =)

    Congrats on the victory! =)

  3. hola from miscellany monday! glad you had such a great weekend! aren't nephews the best?

    also, go NOLES!! :) hahah. im not really in to football but im excited FSU has a good team again! should be a good game! :)

    xoxo kim

  4. lemon squares are my favorite!! and those sausage biscuits sound tasty too!! xoxo jillian:: don't miss my ayofemi jewelry giveaway

  5. The food sounds yummy! (Stopping by from Mingle Monday, a couple of days late haha)