Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I am so excited that today is Wednesday...We are half way through the week, so head on over to link up with Jamie!!

I'm Loving... this great find on pintrest. 
Pizza Dip! I decided to make this for the tailgate this past weekend and it was so yummy.  Of course I had to make a "Clemson touch" 
 I forgot to take a picture after it was baked but isnt the tiger paw cute :)
I'm Loving... my Dad's football buddy
Alexis has to be the cutest little girl ever!  She is always cheering and singing to the Tiger Rag.  See all those silly bands? Those would be from my Dad :)
I'm Loving... all of my goodies I found at Cake Decor yesterday. You know how I told you about the store closing?  Well I bought $200 worth of stuff for about $50! Of course I am going back on Friday (their last day) because everything will be like 70-80% off!  So I will have to see what is left!
My new cake pans...I can make tiered cakes now!
Super big cupcake mold
Football Helmet...will put this to use soon!
cant wait to use this at Christmas!
My "tackle Box" as Wes calls it.  I bought just the box yesterday and now have a place to keep everything organized!!

I'm Loving...that we heard back from Jodi's bone marrow test she had last week.  100% of her cells were mine!!! That means there was ZERO trace of leukemia and the transplant worked!! How exciting is that??  Now if we can just get her over all the nasty side effects and get back to normal! :)
Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Praise the Lord!! That is great great fantastic news!! Continued prayers. I hope she begins to feel much better very soon!

    Love all the rest of the stuff, too! :)

  2. That giant cupcake mold is fantastic--my sister has one and my mom borrows it all the time to make them...they rock!! AHHH!!! 100% is FANTASTIC!!!!! :-D Congrats for her and still praying she gets better soon!!! :)

  3. Mmm that dip looks tasty! Love all your baking supplies, what a great score!