Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I'm Loving... Sharpie pens!  I absolutely love them.  I have several different kinds and when I was meeting with a leader last week for work, we were talking about our mutual love of sharpie pens.  Well, we had our monthly leader meeting last night and she bought me a new kind of pen that I have never seen before! So fun to know someone else that appreciates Sharpies!

I'm Loving...Dancing with the Stars! I have watched every season and I just love it.  
I mean Makism isn't bad to look at right??  He isn't the only reason I watch.  I always DVR them and watch on my lunch breaks or whenever Wes goes to bed.  That is one show he will not watch with me!  Here are my favorites so far this season:
Rob may not be the best dancer....but I am a fan!

I kinda surprised myself when I started rooting for Kristin!

This guy has to be my favorite...I heart Carson!!
I'm Loving... that Heather and I are hanging out all weekend.  Like she said over at her blog today, this is the first time we will hang out for this long of a time period since we lived together!  I am heading to her house Friday night and we are going to leave bright at early (6:30! May be a bit early but oh well) and head to Virginia.  I personally think it is funny that Heather usually does not attend home games (10 miles from her house) but she is driving 4-5 hours to go to the game this weekend! I cant wait!!

I'm Loving... the fall! I have been slack and have yet to decorate my house for fall.  That is my goal in the next week.  I absolutely love my fall wreath for my front door.  I put pumpkins on our mantel, and just love the scents of fall too!!  So excited for a new season...this summer was HOT! :)
how cute is this?? This may need to be a craft project one night??

I'm Loving...that today is day 51!! That means that Jodi and mom will be coming home in about 50 days!! That may seem like a lot to you guys, but seeing how they have been in Texas since April 21st...50 days is nothing!  Jodi is also feeling so great these days...she even told me the other day she felt like pre-leukemia Jodi! yay :)



  1. UGH! can't believe you girls will be in VA and I had no idea!! Sadly I have to work all weekend : (

  2. Totally agree with you on the fall season and a hot hot summer!! I love's def my favorite. Thanks for the blog love...I didn't link up with do I do that?

  3. Sounds like you have a GREAT weekend ahead of you!! YAY for day 51!!! So close to Jodi coming home for good!! :)