Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 I'm Loving...that today is my Dad's 62 birthday!  I love that he was born in makes it very easy to remember how old he is :)  We are going out to eat tonight to celebrate then going back to my parents house to open gifts and have some yummy cookie cake!

I'm Loving... this show
I decided to get the seasons on Netflix and I am now obsessed! I love all the drama with this family!  If you havent seen this must check it out :)

I'm Loving...that this time next week I get to start a Girl Scout program at a local Elementary school.  Each spring my co-worker and I go to a school and offer a free Girl Scout program after school.  Even though I work for Girl Scouts...this program is really the only time I get to work with girls and not parents...I am pretty excited.  It will be once a week until May :)

I'm Loving... my hubby.  I havent been feeling that great lately and he has been very helpful and sweet :)  (Dont tell him I said that though..he doesnt like to appear that way haha)

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