Monday, December 3, 2012

I Heart Weekends!

I have always loved weekends but I really do now.  I just love spending time with Paige and Wes!  We had another great weekend..but as always it went by way too fast!!

This weekend I...hurried home from work on Friday so excited to start the weekend.  Wes brought home supper and the three of us just hung out at the house.  Very low key night!

This weekend up the nerve to finally let Miss Paige sleep in her room!  I know I should have done this weeks ago, but going back to work slowed it down.  I know it sounds crazy but since I was gone during the day, I wanted Paige close at night!  Of course Paige had no idea anything was different...she slept from 9-4 then 4:30 to 9am.  The only bad thing is she HATES to sleep flat on her I had to strap her in the Nap Nanny and put in crib.  That is probably a no-no but she is strapped in and she isn't going anywhere!  

This weekend I...decorated this cute little tree from Hobby Lobby for Paige's room. 
This weekend I... just hung out at the house most of the day on Saturday.  Tried to decorate some but for some reason Paige makes that a little difficult.  Once she woke up from a nap, we got ready to go meet Santa!  I was so excited to get her picture taken with him and even happier she didn't cry!!
This weekend I... grilled out hamburgers, made yummy baked beans and fries for me, Wes and Jonathan.  We had a bon fire (which Paige didn't really care for) and just enjoyed the night together.  It was great to have Jonathan over.  Wes and Jonathan had a little too much fun at the bon fire and started making torches..

This weekend I...talked Wes into taking us to our farm to pick out or Christmas tree!  We always have a great tradition of loading up the 4 wheelers and ride around the farm looking for the perfect cedar tree.  This year was a little different..Paige isn't quite ready to ride on a 4 wheeler yet so we just rode around in Wes's truck.  Paige was even able to drive..
Ok, so we weren't moving at the time!  We finally found the perfect tree..actually found two and took them home to figure out which was the best.  I was able to put lights and the bow on and then someone was extra fussy so I haven't finished decorating yet.  But we found out how to keep little one happy...prop her in front of the tree.  Just don't move her or she will scream!

This weekend I...helped Wes make a huge pot of vegetable soup.  We love making a large pot of soup on Sundays and eating it just about all week!  It is our favorite!
We had a great weekend and I wish it was longer!! Wouldn't you if you got to spend it all with this face??

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend. Soup is my go-to this time of year as well. I love making a big pot of chili for lunches all week.