Friday, December 28, 2012

Paige's First Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas with Miss P even though it went by WAY to fast!  Our celebrations started on Sunday when Wes and Levi cooked a huge pot of hash all day.  That night for supper my family, Levi's family and most of my in-laws family came over for dinner.  It was nice to see everyone and for them to meet Paige and the food was pretty good too!

Christmas Eve we always go over to my parents house for oyster stew and brownie pie with ice cream...random I know but very good!  So we headed over there around 5 and had dinner and exchanged are some pictures from that night:

Loves sitting like a big girl!

Making a face like her Boompa

The aftermath..

Only present I wanted this year!
For some reason Paige wouldn't really nap on Christmas Eve much so she was passed out by like 7 that night...Christmas is just too exciting, even when you are 3 months old!
Wes and I exchanged presents that night (got a video camera yay!!!) and we did our stockings early on Christmas morning before we headed over to his parents house.  We got to Mimi's around 6:30 just in time for stockings over there!  We all looked to see what everyone got then went in the living room to see what all Santa brought Wyatt and Matthew.  After that, the kids opened presents from everyone (Paige loaded up again!) and then the adults opened their presents.  Here are some pictures from Mimi's:

Wyatt was pumped

Love their expressions





We had lunch at Tommie's then headed back home.  When Jodi and I were growing up, every Christmas afternoon, my Mema and Papa would come over to see what we all got from Santa.  So Jodi and I always displayed our gifts on the bed to show them.  I asked Mom if she was going to start that tradition with Paige and she asked if her gifts would be displayed..of course!
Paige's grandparents and aunts really spoiled her didn't they? I didn't display any of my gifts but I got a video camera, lots of gift cards, shoes, scarves, a cute Santa plate and milk jug, dutch oven, coach purse to name a is my purse and my cute nephews:

I know it has been picture over load but look at Miss P playing with her toy from BB and Boompa!
Here is a video (not the best because I was too close to her) of Paige playing with her new teddy bear...has anyone ever seen a bear that does Peek a boo??
We all had a great Christmas...just went by way too fast!!

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