Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 I'm Loving...this weather!! We never really have a cold first of December in South Carolina but I swear each year people are so shocked that it isn't freezing cold yet.  Um...we are in the south! Sometimes it is still 70 degrees on Christmas Day!  I am not complaining...I love this weather!  Our cold weather doesn't really start until January!  

I'm Loving...that my Dad made it through surgery with flying colors on Monday.  He had surgery on his shoulder and was home by lunch time!  Wes, Paige and I went to visit him last night and he was doing great..just lacking sleep from his pain medicines.  This was him like four hours after surgery...

I'm Loving...that I have picked out our family Christmas cards on shutterfly! I cant order them until Friday thought.  Once I mail them out I will share on here with all of y'all!  Of course it features Miss Paige! Can I just tell you how much I love Shutterfly by the way???  It is the best!

I'm Loving... that Jodi had a good lead on a new job! Yay for her!  I know she is so excited.  It isn't official yet so cross your fingers that everything works out which I know it will!!  Since she closed her Beaded Tiger Store in Clemson she has a Etsy site to try and sell what she has left in her inventory...some good stuff! Make sure to check it out :) Beaded Tiger Etsy Store
I'm Loving...that Miss Paige is SOOOO close to rolling over.  Wes and I laid her down in the crib on her tummy and she was of course not happy about it but I had my camera ready because she was wanting to roll over so day soon baby girl! 

I'm Loving... this necklace that I think I need:
Hand stamped Mommy Necklace- TWO NAME Charm - personalized sterling silver / Keepsake necklace with a Freshwater pearl
Don't you think I need one with Paige's name on it? I would also like her birthday on it too.   So cute!
I'm Loving...  that Paige and I have a play date with Miss Audrey and Heather this Saturday!  Heather and I are going to try to hard to have a play date each month at my house and the next at hers.  Heather has some crafts planned and everything!  Paige and Audrey will also have a photo shoot of course!  We are all so excited for Saturday!!  Here is a picture from their last play date/photo shoot...two cute baby girls!

 I'm Loving... my little family of course!!  I mean who wouldn't love these two??

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