Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend Recap

Man, how is it already Monday?  At least I only have to work three days this week!!  We had a great weekend, as always!  Friday night, my mom came over and Wes made hamburgers and I made beer battered onion rings...not to brag but they are the best hamburgers ever!  After supper, we just played until it was bed time.  Paige has been coughing a lot lately so she hasn't been sleeping that great during the day, thankfully her coughing hasn't messed up her night sleeping!  So she was exhausted and went to sleep about 30 minutes early, which worked for me because I was ready for bed too!

Mimi came over bright and early Saturday morning so that she could stay at the house until Paige woke up and then take her to her house because I was going to Clemson!  I went to the Dabo's Ladies Clinic again this year and I loved it.  If you like Clemson and love football, you need to go!  Every year Dabo has this event and it is actually his big fundraiser for Breast Cancer...they raise so much money! During the live auction two people spend $7,000 a piece to spend the day with the team at one home game, ride in the bus and run down the hill.....$14,000 total!  Crazy huh?  That $14,000 was just a small portion of the money raised on Saturday!

At the Ladies Clinic you are among 1,100 other ladies excited about football!  The lovely Ali Rogers, Miss South Carolina (should be Miss USA  First Runners Up Miss USA) and Tajh Boyd welcomed everyone...can I just tell you how cute Tajh looked in his jeans and cowboy boots...someone has turned into a true Clemson guy!

Then it was time for every one's favorite..Dabo!  Clemson is so lucky to have such a great man as their coach.  I think he is a great football coach but more importantly a great man.  He truly loves his players and wants them to not just be great athletes but grow to be great men and husbands!  
After the opening, we were all divided into eight groups and we started our day.  Our first session was a tour of the training room and locker room.  It always brings back SO many memories when seeing these rooms.  I spent so much time in their (the old ones) during college!  I saw one of my old bosses in the locker room and he told me I needed to be giving speeches about what all goes on here.  I am so glad I was able to work there in college!!  I even lettered (which is ironic since I never played sports) and have all of these items... 
Then we went to my favorite session of the day...Offense.  The coaches taught us a little about what they do and even went over a few calls so we could know a few of their was pretty neat.  Then he had one notebook that he gives to all the players and whoever got his question right won the notebook...I won!! Yay!

My favorite thing about football is defense but that class wasn't as entertaining as the offensive class, but I still enjoyed it.  Then we went to a Fashion Show..I could have done without that session, but most people seemed to enjoy it.  Finally it was time for lunch and another general session.  The Coaches Wives hosted "The View" and interviewed a few of the players and Miss SC hosted Mr. Ladies Clinic pageant and of course cute little Daniel Rodriguez won!
During this session, they also did the live auction and asked all Cancer survivors to come down...Dabo made sure to invite anyone who as had any type of cancer to come down not just breast cancer, which was nice!  So Jodi was able to go down and join the survivors!
Then it was time to split back into our groups for four more sessions, which were shopping (BB bought Paige a cute seersucker book bag with her name on it), a session learning about Breast Cancer and being healthy, a tour of the new indoor practice facility and learning about the recruiting and then ended with a tour of the weight room...which was impressive and scandalous!

We had a great time at the Ladies Clinic and I am sure I will be back again in the future!  We headed back home and I rushed back to our house to see Miss Paige! I haven't seen her since I put her to sleep the night before and I missed her!  We just played for a couple hours and we all crashed that night!  

Sunday we just were lazy that morning and then we all three went to the grocery store and came back for nap time and did some chores around the house.  Wes went to ride 4wheelers with some friends and Paige and I stayed home all afternoon and played and rode in the wagon.  It was a perfect Sunday afternoon!  We had another busy and great weekend and cant wait for another one!
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