Wednesday, July 24, 2013



I'm Loving... that today is the last day of work for the week!  I realized a couple weeks ago that I still had several vacation days I needed to use before our fiscal year was over so I am taking a very long weekend this week!!

I'm Loving...I will be at the lake just about all weekend!  Paige, Mimi and I are going to the lake tomorrow morning for a little while and then we will be back with the boys on Saturday and Sunday.  It has been way too long since we went out to the lake and I cant wait!

I'm Loving... one of my favorite little guys is turning 2 tomorrow!  I can't believe that Matthew is already two years old....crazy how fast time goes by.  His party is on Sunday at the lake house...this was him last year at his birthday party....

I'm Loving... Pretty Little Liars!  I know I am behind the times on this show but I just started watching it on Netflix and I love it!  I have no idea how many seasons there are but I am on episode 10 of season far so good.  Speaking of good shows...I am also obsessed with Mistresses.  Wow, it is such a good show!

I'm Loving... there are only 36ish days until football season! I CAN NOT WAIT!  I am even more excited about dressing Paige up in her Clemson cheerleading uniform and watching her watch her tigers!  Love football!

Apparently, I am in the football mood this week...I have dressed Paige in Clemson clothes two out of three days this week!

I'm Loving... Paige's new trick.  She can blow!!  That is what she was doing in the picture above.  She doesn't put her hand up to actually blow it but she makes a kiss noise.  As I was leaving today, she was standing at the door watching me pull away and I could see her little mouth blowing kisses :)

Happy Wednesday!
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