Monday, October 3, 2011

Dear Monday

As I was reading blogs this morning I saw that Holly found a new link up that I wanted to here it goes :) 

Dear Monday, You came really really fast this week.  I had such a fun weekend but I was really hoping that Sunday would have lasted a few extra hours...I could have used some more sleep!

Dear Heather, I had a great time with you and Ray.  We went to Virgina for our football game and had lots of fun.  I didnt want the weekend to end.  It is so nice to get away from home for a little trip every once in awhile!  Cant wait for our next adventure...whenever that will be!

 Dear Brownies, Heather and I tried a new recipe and it didnt turn out so well.  You make the brownies and then 12 minutes before they are finished you take them out of the oven and cover them with candy corn and then bake the remaining 12 minutes.  Well, we did and let them cool before we cut them.  Once we cut the brownies she realized the brownies were basically batter still.  So we baked them some more and some more.  Needless to say it didnt work out the way we wanted.  They didnt cut they looked messy, but tasted pretty good.  Here is out attempt of being festive...  

 Dear Mimosa,  I am not a big drinker...I can go months without wanting a drink, but I do love mimosa!  Heather had a great idea of making some for Saturday and going ahead and mixing them Friday night...look how creative she was :)

Dear Fall, I missed you this weekend.  When we left South Carolina, we had temperatures in the 80s and sunny (which is the typical fall for us).  When we arrived in Virgina, it was cold!! I know it is usually colder there, but this weekend they had a cold front and it was freezing and raining!   THe temperature was in the 40s but when you consider the wind was in the 30s!  Burr! I was excited to see the 70's and the sun yesterday!  
It was so cold and windy...we had to tailgate inside the car!

Poor Russell was freezing and had to use my scarf to cover his head :)

 Dear Clemson Football, I was a little worried about playing Virgina Tech at home and at night.  They have a very intimidating home field advantage and Clemson was coming off two huge wins.  HIstory tells us that Clemson would more than likely choke but we proved history wrong and won.  We didnt only beat VT but we shut them down....23-3.  This was the first time that VT didnt score a touchdown at home since the 90s.  AND Clemson is the first ACC team to beat 3 ranked opponents back to back ever!  It was such a fun game (minus the weather) and so glad we all went.  Celebrating downtown after the game was great too...we met some great VT fans too!
Last few minutes of the game!

Only Clemson fans left in the stands

Jamey and Heather on the dance floor
Dear Christmas,  It seems like you should be so far away but you are not!  So I took advantage of stopping at the Gaffney outlets on our way home yesterday and started shopping.  I bought Wes three things for Christmas!  If I dont get motivated now I will not be able to afford Christmas come December!

Dear work week, please be easy on me this week.  I am tired and really dont want a lot of unexpected issues arise.  Heres to the week going as planned!!

Happy Monday everyone!
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  1. So fun!! Glad you linked's a fun link up for a Monday I think. Sorry your brownies didn't turn out like you wanted them to....I am NOT a fan of candy corn so I wouldn't have tried them lol but they look interesting. And that pic of Heather trying to pour champagne into Sunny D is way too funny!

  2. It's crazy that it's October! I agree, it's been so warm here (Texas has a high of 90 degrees on Thursday and Friday...lame!) that it doesn't quite feel like fall.

    Just stopping by for Dear Monday!

    -Sarah at [life of love]!

  3. Love this post friend. I had a blast with you this weekend. Maybe another adventure in November!! :)

  4. just stopping by from mingle monday! love what i've seen of your blog so far --- can't wait to read more =)

    i read in your profile that you work for the girl scouts ... i was a "membership/volunteer specialist" at my local council for about two years before snagging my current position. what do you do?

  5. Stopping by from Mingle Monday!

    I love this post! The open letters are great!