Monday, November 21, 2011

Family time in Florence!

I honestly can not remember what Wes and I did Friday...must have just stayed home, who knows!  But Saturday was eventful for both of us.  Wes headed to North Carolina for Wyatt's birthday, I hated missing my nephews birthday party but me, Jodi and Mom were off to Florence.  My cousin Sterling got married!  
We were so excited because Jodi's doctor gave her permission to go if she just stayed away from the crowd and had people come to her.  

The three of us headed to Florence and met my cousins Vickie and Lindsey at Olive Garden for lunch..yum!  Even though the reception had food, Jodi wouldn't have been able to eat because it was a buffet..but I don't think any of us complained about eating there! :)
Then we were off to the wedding.  It was an outside wedding at The Claussen House.  My Dad grew up in Claussen, which is about 5 or so miles from Francis Marion, but it seemed like forever away when we were young, because all it had when we were there was a "sto" (store) as my Uncle Tommy used to say, my grandmas house and two of my uncles houses and then a few miles down the street was their church.
Ever since my Nanny passed away, our family hasn't been the closest.  We are only close to my cousin Robin (her son was the groom) and my cousin Vickie and her family.  So it was a nice to see my Dad's other brothers family.  I haven't seen them since 2003, well besides facebook! are some pictures from the wedding!

The Hewitts!

I cant believe he is married!!

My wonderful cousins! Robin and Sterling

The cake

Jodi, my cousin Lindsey and me

Love her :)

With the groom!

He was super happy to see Jodi!

Lindsey, Me, Robin, Jodi, Mom and Vickie  (fun group of cousins)

Now with my Aunt Jackie and the groom Sterling :) 

 After the wedding, we decided to stop by my Nanny's church and the cemetery where she and my granddad (never met him so don't really know what to call him), my uncle Tommy (Robin's Dad and he was like my grand-dad), and Aunt Yvonne (Vickie's Mom/Lindsey's grandmother) are buried.  It brought back so many memories seeing this church!  I love small town churches!!
Then we started the 3 hour ride home listening to football games.  I really think my Tigers forgot there was a game was that game embarrassing!  Oh well, move on to the next one.  Big game against our rival this weekend!

Sunday was a lazy day!   Wes and I went to pick up Dad's Christmas present, which I cant share yet because he may see it.  I really don't think he knows how to come to this page but I heard he read one of my posts...but it is a really great gift that he will love!  That took all morning to get the gift.  That afternoon we watched Eclipse, Jodi visited for a few minutes and I believe that was it.  It was a great day!

It was a great weekend with my family! BTW...I can not believe it is the week of crazy is that?!?! 


  1. Visiting from Mingle Monday. The wedding looked beautiful! The setting was gorgeous!

  2. Visiting from Mingle Monday, too! What a fun wedding. Was it chilly outside for a wedding? My wedding was in March and it was a wee bit chilly!

  3. That is the most beautiful house to ever have a wedding at! I love your grey peacoat too! The bride and groom look so happy.

    Happy Mingle Monday!

    -Sar from [life of love]

  4. What beautiful photos!!! I just love these photos!!

    megs [at] Shine On

  5. Looks like such a beautiful wedding!! I am so glad to see Jodi is doing good too!