Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dear November,

Are you really already here??  It seems like it should still be summer..time is flying by!

When I was growing up, my favorite season was summer (mainly because school was out).  I still love the summer but the last couple of years I have really grown to love the fall.   It isn't 100 degrees outside anymore, but I can do with out freezing weather on the way to work though!  The leaves are so pretty, mums are every where, and fall decorations are out.

November is always a busy month...last full month of football!  (of course I had to write that)  We only have one more home game and the last two regular season games are away.  I hate the "smack talk" for big rival games...but the Clemson vs USC game is always exciting!

Thanksgiving is in November!  I love any excuse to get a lot of family together.  I love it even more since Wes and I got married.  We have my family Thanksgiving at my Mema's house and then his family at his Mom's. We are so lucky that we live in the same town as both of our families!

We will start having bon fires at our house again.  I love those nights!!

November  also means it is time to really start getting ready for Christmas.  Of course I don't want to skip over Thanksgiving, but my budget makes me shop early!  I wouldn't be able to afford to buy gifts if I waited until December.

There are some important birthdays in November too.  My cute nephew Wyatt will be turning 4, which is unreal he is that old :).  My Mema's birthday is this month too!

My cousin is getting married this month in Florence and I cant wait to see everyone there!

Finally the most important thing about November this year.....MY SISTER AND MOM COME HOME FROM TEXAS!!  She met with her doctor yesterday and her tentative coming home day is November 9th....do you realize that is NEXT WEEK!?!  We are all very excited.  So please give her some happy thoughts next Monday when she has her 90 day bone marrow biopsy. We want 100% healthy cells so mom and Jodi can come home....NEXT WEEK!  (they have been there since April 21 by the way!)

Here's to a wonderful November!!!


  1. Fall is such a lovely time, and YAYYYYYY for Jodi coming home next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D Prayers for everything to be 100% great!!!!

  2. praying!! that would make for a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!!