Thursday, November 10, 2011

They are home!

Mom and Jodi made it back home safe and sound!  I took off work yesterday afternoon so I would be sure to be at their house when they pulled in the driveway.  Before I get into much detail about their homecoming...look at what I made for them (Wes helped me form the cake and even iced a  little so I can not take all the credit)

 Wes thought it would be best if I made a home for the welcome home cake.  It was the most difficult cake Ive done but so much fun!

Ok...back to Jodi and Mom.  They got home around 3 or so and me, Dad and my Mema were patiently waiting in the house.  I was so excited to hear them blow the horn!  I of course started tearing up when my Mom hugged me (I think people forgot that not only Jodi was there but Mom was there the whole time too!).  Then Jodi saw me and mom tear up and yelled at us and said "No Crying!".  She can be so demanding haha!  

After all of our hellos, we helped unload then car.  Mom has an Avalon but I think she had enough stuff in there to load down my Tahoe!  We finally finished unloading everything and Dad was pacing ready to cut the cake...well, he just wanted to get some icing!

My friend Sam came to visit and since Jodi has been gone for so long and him being the jokester he is, he told Jodi the other day that he needed to take her on a tour of Greenwood (that would only last 12 minutes...not much to see in Greenwood).  So yesterday morning he went to the Chamber of Commerce and picked out lots of good brochures about things to do in Greenwood and surrounding areas and gave them to her last night so she can pick out where she wants to go on their was too funny!
Sam and Jodi
 Then Wesley and Mrs Thurston showed up!  Can I tell you how great it was to have my family all in the same room again...and in South Carolina!

Jodi and I have a lunch date to her favorite place to eat in Greenwood...Mig's!  I cant wait!  I was going to take more pictures to post but I forgot!  I had to steal the picture of Jodi and Sam from her!  oh well!

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