Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet Me Monday

Meet Me On Monday
I decided to try this link up this Morning..Looked fun! :)


1.  Are you excited for the holidays or are you dreading them?
I am so very excited! I cant wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It will be a special Thanksgiving this year because my sister is home from Texas and my cousins baby will hopefully be back from Charleston after having heart surgery.  We are thankful that all our family members will be healthy again!  
I absolutely can NOT wait until I can decorate my house for Christmas.  I love the whole month of exciting!!  (pinterest is getting me even more excited to decorate!)

2.  Do you hit the snooze button or get right up?
I usually do not have to hit the snooze, but I never get out of bed when it goes off.  I have to lay there a few minutes to get woken up.  
3.  Do you still have your tonsils? 
4.  What was the last piece of candy that you ate?
I guess you can consider this candy.  Wes and I went to Olive Garden yesterday (what a treat...I never get to go there!!)  I love their after meal mint yummy!
5.  Do you shop at thrift stores?
Nope...I don't think I have the patience to do that.  I hate going in stores where you have to search for stuff.  It kinda stresses me out when it isn't organized so I give up.  I know...I miss out on good deals Oh well!

              Happy Monday :)


  1. Girl, I'm pumped for thanksgiving and Christmas too! I got my tonsils too! I haven't shopped thrift store either! I either hit snooze or takes me few min to wake up! I'm so excited for you to have your sis coming home! Such great news! I will pray for your cousins baby in hopes it will be there at thanksgiving :) hope you have a fab Monday! Ps I was in greenwood earlier for an interview , totes thought of you!

  2. I don't like to shop period, but I hadn't thought about thrift shops being like a big rumpage where you have to dig for what you want. I wouldn't like that all! I'm very excited about Christmas, too!!!! =D

  3. Mmmm, Olive Garden. So yummy! I agree with you about thrift stores, it's hard to have patience to search through things! As long as I have the mindset of "I'm Going To Find Some Awesome Things At This Thrift Store," I can do it. I just have to set myself up for it!

    Happy glorious Monday! Stopping by for Mingle Monday!


  4. Hi!
    Thanks for playing along with Meet Me on Monday!! Please remember to link the url only of your Meet Me On Monday post and not your whole blog! I have to go in and fix it!!
    Hope you have a great week!!!