Thursday, April 12, 2012

17 Weeks!

Maternity Clothes? I still do not like wearing pants lately, they are just not comfortable for me.  So I wear lots of dresses, mainly maxi dresses and cardigans.  They are maternity dresses but I really don't see a difference between those and normal maxi dresses.

Size of the Baby? According to babycenter, baby bowling is about the size of a turnip.  Weighs about 5 ounces and is about 5 inches in length.  I still think it is funny they always have a fruit or vegetable to compare the baby too :)

Stretch Marks? nope

Gender? I wish I knew!! I will hopefully (that baby better show us) find out a week from today! I can't wait!!
Movement? Not sure, I felt something different the other day but didn't know if it was movement or not.  Hope to start feeling within the next week or so!

Sleep? I have finally learned how to sleep not on my stomach, thanks to pillows!  I still wake up to use the bathroom and also wake up because I'm sleeping on my back or stomach and it hurts.  But I cant complain to much, I am getting a lot of sleep finally!

Food Cravings? Not really, people keep asking me that question but I just don't have any
What I Miss?Diet Mountain Dew and as much sweet tea as I wanted!  I wouldn't mind some sushi too!

Symptoms? I used to never dream but now I have a dream just about every night!  I have some crazy dreams too!  I still have random days where I am sick.  I have had bloody gums off and on (who knew that was a symptom) and I think that is all

Best Moment Last Week? I got to hear the heartbeat at the doctors office and a friend of mine who had a baby last week brought me her Doppler so that I can use at home.  So Wes is now able to hear the heartbeat too! So exciting :)

Looking Forward to? NEXT THURSDAY!! I have my first ultrasound and I will finally get to find out what we are having!  Here's hoping those legs are uncrossed and he/she cooperates so we can find out.

So what do you think??

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