Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little catch up

I realized I haven't written much of anything besides baby stuff lately, so I apologize about that but it really has consumed my life lately.  So I am going to try my best to write about other things going on in my life :)

This past weekend was my best friend from High Schools big wedding day!  Growing up, I always thought she would be one of the first people I knew to get married so I was shocked when I got married first.  The weekend was perfect!  On Friday, all the bridesmaids and of course Beth went to get pedicures and some got manicures, then we went to lunch and had a small lingerie party.  At the lunch, her sister-in-law asked Beth about 15 questions that she already asked Lee to see how close they were to having the same answers.  We were all shocked that they answered all but one or two the exact same way!  
We had a break that afternoon then it was time for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  Afterwards Beth and some people were going to her cousin's Keith's house but I was about to fall asleep (at 930pm haha) so I had to skip out if I wanted to function the next day.
Abby (bridesmaid) and the Bride
Wedding party at the rehearsal
Then it was wedding day...we all met at her parents house (brought back so many great memories!) to have breakfast and get our hair and make-up done.  It was so very nice to be pampered all morning. 
Hair and Makeup stations

Father of the Bride and her cute nephew in his tuxedo onsie!

On the way to the church!!
 Around 2 we headed to the church for pictures and of course the wedding!  Everything was beautiful and hot...those lights where we were standing felt like a sauna..I felt bad for the guys in tuxes!  Finally it was time for the reception.  I hung out with Jodi, Mom and Wesley until they all went home.  It was a great night and was so glad to be a part of Beth's big day.
Our ride from church to reception cooling off..

Love Beth's something blue.

Mr. and Mrs. Wagner!

On the way!
Take two of a picture of my and Wesley...apparently Jodi told him to open his eyes

 Me, Jodi and Mom


 So that was my weekend! Now Beth and Lee are celebrating in St. Lucia! :)

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