Monday, April 23, 2012

Gender Reveal!

This past Thursday, Wes and I went to the big ultrasound.  This was the first ultrasound that I have had so I was so excited to finally see our baby.  The lady doing this ultrasound said she would determine the gender last because she wanted to make sure little one was healthy first.  She went into so much detail which I loved!  She showed us (and of course measured) all the major bones, the skull, kidneys, heart, bladder...everything you can think of!  
By the time she was ready to look between those legs our baby was asleep on the stomach...which made her job a little difficult!  About 5 or so minutes later so said..."Well, I think I'm going to say it's a girl."  
I didnt know if we should be excited or wait for more confirmation since she seemed a little unsure.  I asked her how positive she was (I know it is never 100%) and she said she didnt know why she worded it that way because it was indeed a GIRL!  
Another funny part was when she was explaining why she said it was a girl, Wes looked a little confused and he later told me that he thought it was a boy becuase it looked like it had boy parts....Wes was looking at her leg!  Wes was just a little bit off! (He said in his defense he was told it was zoomed it a lot!)
So after that we met with my doctor and went over a few things then we were finished.  I called my Mom and she told me to meet her for a few minutes and look what she gave me...
After I saw my Mom I went to buy some pink balloons to put on my Mother-in-law's car.  Since she teaches school I knew I wouldnt be able to call her to let her know the news.  I usually email her after my appointments but didnt want to tell her by email either.  So I decided to put pink balloons on her car.  She was so excited to see the pink.  She has been convinced it was a girl since day 1...I think becasue she has two grandsons, she wanted a girl this time :)  After work that night, she and my father in law brought over a couple gifts (I have a feeling the little one is going to be spoiled..first grandbaby on my parents side and first granddaughter on Wes's side!)

This is a picture of all the gifts from that day.  The dress from my Mom, picture frame from my friend Marsha and the rest from Tommie :) If you have a little one you need to check out my friends boutique..she has cute affordable baby/kids clothes (Sweet Teas) I have a feeling I am going to help keep her in business!

We are about 99.9% sure on the baby name but I will share when we are 100%.  (Of course we were like 150% sure on the boy name :))



  1. Congratulations!!! Little girls are so fun :)

  2. Congrats on the little girl!!!! she's going to be soo cute!
    Can't wait to find out her name!