Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving... that I finally am writing a WILW post.  This used to be (and still is) my favorite link up but as we all know...I've been slack lately.
I'm loving... today starts my 18th week in my pregnancy! Everyone is talking about how fast it is going by...maybe because they didn't know I was pregnant until week 12!  I feel like I have known forever!! Which I did find out extra early but I am glad to be approaching my half way point!
I'm loving... tomorrow is my gender ultrasound!! I am beyond excited.  People keep asking me what I would prefer and one day I say a boy and the other day I say obviously I don't care either way.....I just want to know!!  Most people say I am having a girl (maybe because I work for Girl Scouts?? who knows)  We have names picked out already so will Baby Bowling be P or T??

I'm loving... that my best friend from high school is getting married this weekend!! I can not wait!  
Casey, me and Beth (the bride) back in high school!

The day before my wedding
 I'm Loving...  this may sound strange at first but I'm Loving that this Friday marks a year since Jodi was diagnosed.  That was not the best day obviously but as she said, she has had the best luck since that day!  So we are determined April 20th, 2012 and every year from here on out will be fun and happy days celebrating she is leukemia free :)
Happy Wednesday!! 


  1. yay for your ultrasound tomorrow!!
    i hope that cutie cooperates!
    do you have a feeling??
    i honestly had NO idea, but my husband was totally convinced. GO FIGURE!

  2. This may be a little late, but congratulations on the baby! That would be super exciting finding out the sex of the baby:)Weddings are always so much fun! Hope you have a great Wednesday!!!!