Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm going to be famous!

Yay for blog entry number 2!

Well, it looks like I will be famous in my little town of Greenwood.  I was just interviewed by our huge newspaper, the Index Journal!  Ok, so maybe I wont be famous but I still get excited to be in the paper.  As you know, I work for Girl Scouts and whats the first thing people think of when you hear Girl Scouts?? 

Cookies!  Well, its cookie time!  So the Index just called me to ask me lots and lots (30 minutes worth) of questions about the Girl Scout Cookie Sale....who know there was actually a program for the girls and its more than just selling them :)

I have been telling myself the past couple years that I am going to make some goodies with G.S. cookie but have yet to do so...so I have to this year.  In the past I just put Thin Mints in a vanilla milkshake, but there is so much you can do...just look at this link...Thin Mint Cheescake??   Yum!! 

Ok enough about cookies...guess it is time to get back to work!

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