Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

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1.  Callie's hurt:(
 Yesterday morning, Wes went out side to bring Callie in for a little while.  Sometimes on weekend morning he likes to bring Callie in the bed so she can cuddle up with us some.  (Gracie has no desire to cuddle up, she just wants to come inside and lay near no advantages towards Callie :) )
Anyways, we noticed Callie was limping a little bit.  If anyone has ever been around Callie, you know that she doesn't get hurt.  She is the toughest dog I have ever seen.  Wes went to move her on the bed and she even cried.  Callie didn't even cry when she was a tiny this was alarming!  Well the day went on and Callie wouldn't put any weight on her leg.  So of course we babied her all evening, which may be why she didn't put any weight on her leg).  I hate when one of my puppies are hurt....I cant imagine how I will fill when we actually have kids!!
Callie just slept all afternoon and evening...which isn't like her.  Here are a couple pictures....

  Wes found a bump on her shoulder, so we think she pulled something?  Not sure...but she was walking a little better this morning :)
2. Mondays...
I am not real sure how I feel about working on a Monday...I haven't had to work on a Monday in three weeks!  Guess it is back to reality...
3. One last celebration
Wes and I are going to my parents tonight for one last birthday celebration for Wes.  I cant wait to see his reaction when he sees what my parents are giving him for his gift...I just love birthdays! 
4. North Carolina
We are talking about going to stay with Wes's sister this weekend in North Carolina.  We haven't been to their house since last November..I really want to go see them!  I just love any excuse to spend time with my cute nephew!  Emily wants some house renovations so of course Wes is the perfect guy to do that's the real reason we are going.  But while he is working...we can play!
5.  Jodi
I have to praise my sister for a bit.  She is currently working on her weight loss.  She started March of 2010 and she has currently lost 120 pounds!! She still has some more she want to lose..but she is looking great!! I am so proud of her and her motivation!

     This is is actually her picture at 110 pounds lost and then obviously her before picture!
Isn't that amazing...I think she should be in people magazine issue of real people and their weight loss!! 

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  1. 120 lbs?! Wow, that is amazing!!! Go, her! Hope your doggie is better. :)

  2. Welcome to the blogging world! Glad to meet you and hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

    I do hope your puppy is all better.

    Yea, for your SIL, that is quite an accomplishment! Blessings!

  3. Found your on Mingle Monday ! Love your blog! Its sad when your doggy kids get hurt, I understand.
    Im your newest follower :)