Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Im Loving Wednesday


This is my first Wednesday with a blog so I of course will do what I see Heather do every Wednesday.  I guess I will also link up with Jamie, to tell you about some of the things I am loving today!!

I'm loving  that I finally caved in and started a blog.  It may be struggling right now, but I will get the hang of it! :)

I'm loving  that my wonderful mother in law gave me a Kindle for Christmas.  I try to read a little every day.  I didn't think I would like it this much but it is so much easier to read than I thought it would be!!  I just finished "Water for Elephants" and I just started "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" which I heard was supposed to be great! 

I'm loving that my friend Katherine is arranging all of our friends to give her Birthday cards, baked goods and other surprises for our friend Reynolds that has been fighting overseas since July.  His birthday is January 24th, even though our package will be a few days late, I know he will be so excited and that makes my day!!

I'm loving that I finally get to use my brand new Kitchen-Aid mixer that my parents got me for Christmas tonight to make a Chocolate Chip pound cake to send to Reynolds!  I have been really really wanting to use it since Christmas Eve but I didn't want to have a cake or sweets in the house...we were overloaded with junk from Christmas.  I finally have a reason to use it and it wont tempt me to eat it!! Yay
I'm loving January is filled with Birthdays!  It makes if hard on the wallet since it is so close to Christmas, but I just love birthdays.  I already talked about Reynolds.   But January is also the birthday month of my favorite two dad and husband!! Dad's birthday was yesterday and he celebrated turning 61 in San Francisco...cant get better than that I guess.  My parents come home tonight and cant wait to take him his present!  My husband, Wes, has a birthday on Sunday.  I am stressing out for his birthday.  I went overboard with presents for him for Christmas and I have no idea what to do.  I am usually the person that shops way in advance so I don't have to worry about what to get people.  I asked him what he wants, he said something useful?? What does that mean.  Oh well, guess I will come up with is very hard to buy for someone who just goes to get whatever he wants whenever he wants.  Oh well, birthdays are wonderful so happy birthday to some of my favorite people! 
OK this is a picture of my family.  I tried to find one of just Wes and Dad, but couldn't find any!  I think its great that Dad is standing on  a step and still about a head shorter than Wes :)
I'm loving that my good friend Sarah is getting married soon and I am her Matron of that means I get to throw a shower.  Most people dread that, but I am actually very excited.  It gives me an excuse to use all of my wedding gifts in my pretty dinning room!!

These were both taken with my phone...the first one isn't the best but it shows my buffet table, the second was from a Christmas party we had!

 I'm loving my hubby.  I am going to copy that from Heather too! :)  Even if we get aggravated with each other, which is just going to happen once in a while, I know he will always be there for me.
 Wes and I had a rocky first couple years in our relationship, but this was a picture from one of our first dates when he was finally serious about wanting a relationship.  This was one of my favorite days with Wesley :)


  1. Welcome to the blog world.. I am dying for a Kitchen Aid mixer like that. I bet it was awesome!

  2. Welcome to blogging! I hope you'll love it- it's a relaxing, therapeutic, fun, inspiring hobby for me...hope it will be the same for you! I'm jealous of your mixer and your kindle! I have not been good about reading for the past couple years--- but for some reason, I think I might read more if I had a kindle! ;)

  3. I have never been a huge reader, every once in a while I would get hooked on a book or series and then I wouldnt read again for a long time. I cant seem to put the kindle down though! :)

  4. I love your mixer! I want one of those too, but I want ot in blue or pink! I also got an ereader for Christmas. I got the Nook, and I just love the thing! Have a great day and welcome to the blog world!

  5. Thanks for playing along!

    We have lots of January birthdays in my family too!

    Blogging is the best :) You'll be glad you started!