Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters 
1. Spending the night at Wyatt's... I was so excited that Wes finished what he had to do with work on Friday night so that we could go to North Carolina to see Emily, Levi and Wyatt. We got there around lunch time on Saturday and they cooked hamburgers on the grill...yum!  We just played with Wyatt and it was great.  The weather was awesome so we were able enjoy a nice walk and watch Wyatt ride around on his John Deere tractor.  The rest of the day was just playing with trucks and trains...such a boy :)
We then went out to dinner and rode around to see the big town of Norwood, NC.  Most people love the cities...I love tiny towns! :)  When we got back was time for bath time and lounging on the couch watching a movie.  Look at my cute nephew!!

 We had a great time and I am excited that Wes is helping them do some updates in their kitchen so we will get to visit again soon!

2. A treat for myself.... When we got back in town on Sunday, Wes went to go trail ride with some friends so I was free for the afternoon.  I cleaned the kitchen and did a little grocery shopping to get us through the week.  It was 70 degrees and sunny so it was a wonderful day that reminded me of the spring weather that will be here for good soon!!  Well, I love fresh flowers so I had to buy some while I was out....aren't they pretty??

3. Pink Swap: I am so excited to be participating in the Pink Swap Hopsy is hosting over at Monograms and Manicures.My friend Heather told me about this and I am so excited!!  Wes and I never really do anything for Valentines, we will have dinner but we don't exchange gifts because we both just had birthdays and I really don't see the point of really celebrating Valentines Day.  I know some people may gasp when they read that...but aren't you supposed to show the people you love how much you love them all the time...why a special day??  Anyways...I am excited about the gift exchange in the blog world though :) 

 4. February scares me how fast time really flies lately.  I always heard that time goes by faster when you get older and it is the truth.  I also heard that time goes by even faster once you have kids and that really scares me.  I know I always wish the week would go by fast so it can be weekend so my goal lately is to not wish days away!  Harder than it sounds!!  I'm not wishing days away when I say this...but my birthday is in 9 days yay! I absolutely love birthdays, whether it is mine or a loved ones!  I will be 28 which is really scary because I am fast approaching 30! wow

Hope everyone has a great Monday....don't forget it is also Mingle Monday too :)
Mingle 240

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  1. I'm doing the Pink Swap Too! I sent my email to my partner and I'm waiting to hear back! I'm excited because I found all kinds of amazing monogram stuff on ETSY!

    following from Mingle Monday!