Monday, June 20, 2011

It is already Monday..

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Happy Monday! Linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters this morning!
{one} Friday night, my hubby and I were trying to figure out what to do for dinner so we decided just to go somewhere.  We got in the car and I asked him where we were going and he said "I don't know".  Then he pulled into my favorite place in Greenwood...Capris Italian.  He isn't crazy about going there (only because he doesn't order the right thing) so I was pumped when he picked it!
{two} I haven't decorated a cake in a couple weeks and I wanted to practice.  I have been wanting to make a football cake so I can perfect it come fall!  Once you see this cake you will see why I need practice.  My tiger paw is a bit deformed and the cake is a little uneven...practice makes perfect right?  Now what to do with this huge cake!  (Even with the imperfections...I am so proud of this cake!)

See what I was talking about with the tiger paw? haha

And how uneven it looks from this angle?
It was SO much fun making this took me all day just about!  

{three} Do you ever have those days where you just love being by yourself?  I usually do not because I am by myself just about every day at work so on the weekends, I want to surround my self with people..but not yesterday!  Wes went to work play at his farm on his tractor so I decided to go to the lake house.  I am never there by myself and it was so nice.  I took my kindle and set up the hammock.  I was out there for hours reading/tanning until I got too hot then got my noodles and floated in the water.  I did that rotation for hours and it was wonderful!
By the way...noodles are the best invention ever! Love them
{four} We had an awful thunderstorm around 1:30 this even woke Wes up (that never happens)  I usually sleep through them if I don't know we are supposed to have a storm.  If I know before I go to sleep that it will storm through the night, my mental alarm clock wakes me up right before I think it is supposed to hit. (weird I know!!)
But I had no idea it was supposed to storm last night and it woke me up :(  The ironic thing is..the lightning is what woke me up...not the thunder or wind.  It was insane!  The lightning was striking like every 5 seconds and it was popping everywhere!   I was so glad when that storm passed!
I pictured the lightning to look like this last night but who knows what it really looked like because I wasn't brave enough to check it out for myself!

That was my weekend! It went by way too fast!  Hope everyone has a great week!! :)

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  1. I'm glad you had a nice dinner with the hubby! And that cake looks so cool, you do a great job decorating! I love having days to myself, it's a good way to relax and be stress-free for a little bit. I don't like storms if they are severe and damaging, but I don't mind summer storms that roll right through. I'm sorry that one woke you up, though, that's not fun! Happy Monday :)

  2. wow! that cake is SO impressive. i really want to learn how to decorate cakes like that :) xoxo jillian:: enter to win My Memories Digital Suite Scrapbooking Software

  3. Oh my gosh...your Sunday sounds jealous!

    Glad to hear you had a good weekend! Visiting from Mingle Monday, hope you have a beautiful week as well!


  4. Hi from Mingle Mondays!
    I am just like you in the being with people thing: I love being with people, but every once in a while I just want complete solitude. Your number three sounded lovely.

  5. I hopped over from Miscellany Monday! Your cake is super cute- we are Clemson fans too in the great state of SC! Just wanted to say hi!