Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My loves :)

I am a little late with today's WILW..but better late than never right?

I'm Loving...that when I got home from work yesterday Wes had these for me
I have never been a crocs fan because I think they make your feet look huge! I wear a size 9 so why make them look larger?  I knew they were comfortable but I just couldn't buy any.  Wes saw these and thought I would like the style and he was right!  Aren't they cute??

I'm Loving...that I finally met Wes's cousins from Texas this past weekend.  Their grandmother celebrated her 90th birthday so they came for a few days.  We had a brunch for her Saturday morning and then just hung out at the lake the rest of the time.  It was great to finally meet them in person even though we felt like already knew each other because of facebook :)
I'm Loving...that I am a match for Jodi! I know I already talked about this but its worth mentioning again! :)  We found out today that we matched 14 out of the 14 things (don't know what they are) they look at for a match.  They said they would settle for matching 8 of the 14 for a sibling and if it was a universal donor, they would be happy with 10/12 of the 14 to match.  How crazy is that that we matched all 14!  We were told today that it will be about 3 weeks before I go out there.  Jodi has to have another strong dose of chemo and then have the transplant immediately after she is finished with that.  Look at this shirt I found...I think I need one :)

I'm Loving...that I have absolutely nothing planned for this weekend!  It will be nice to not have to do anything or be anywhere at a certain time.  The main thing I want to do is see my Dad.  He is home from Texas for a few days and I haven't seen him yet.  Hopefully between his working and walking we can meet up for a little while :)

I'm Loving..."Jodi is a Rockstar" T-shirts.  Jodi's friend Tiffani thought of the idea to sell shirts as a fundraiser and we have sold a couple hundred so far.  Now Jodi is asking whoever bought a shirt to take a picture of them wearing it and email to her so she can make something with them later on.  Here are a few of my favorites...

One of my bffs Alix


My cousins 2 girls Abby and Hannah

Aunt Polly cousin Brooke and Gabe :)

Mom's awesome Sunday School Class that did the hot dog supper for Jodi

My friend Ashley and Kasen

This makes me laugh...Brian

Jodi and her wonderful Doctor...Dr. Andreeff  (He wore the shirt under his lab coat too :))

Two of my favorite people...My hubby and my Mema

My Family in Houston!
Hope everyone has a great rest of your Wednesday!! :)

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  1. Never too late for WILW! Love those Crocs--I got a pair in Vegas last year similar to that, but grey and no strap, and I love them! Love the pictures, and I hope you get to have a fun weekend!