Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Whatever it is y'all think I did....I didn't do it!"

were there words my Dad said to a couple US Marshals yesterday in Houston!

So here is the story...Dad flew back to Houston yesterday and as he was walking down the sidewalk heading to the apartment, a black SUV put their siren on top of their car, cut across the four lane highway and pulled on to the sidewalk blocking Dad's path and 2 US Marshals with guns in their hands got out of the vehicle!! (Could you imagine that happening to you...I would have died of a heart attack I'm sure!)  The Marshals asked Dad for his ID and where he was going.  So my Dad luckily had his ID on him since he was coming from the airport and showed it to them (Dad is known for leaving his wallet in his truck or house).  He told them that he was in Houston because of Jodi's treatments at M.D. Anderson and he said, "Whatever it is y'all think I did....I didn't do it!".

The US Marshals told Dad that they have been looking for a suspect and he fit the description!  They realized it wasn't him and they let him go!  Most people would have been scared to death having this happen to them but I don't think it really bothered he has a interesting story to tell him.

I really wish I knew what Dad's look alike did to have the US Marshals after him?  OH..I just saw on facebook where my sister said that Mom and Dad were walking this morning around Houston and they saw a guy about Dad's size and build, with a beard and carrying a backpack just like Dad was yesterday...I wonder if that is the guy they are looking for?

I mean really...look at my Dad (modeling his new shirt)...does he look like a guy the US Marshals would be searching for???
So...the moral of this story....always have your ID on you! You never know when you might look like a wanted suspect ;)


  1. Crazy story!! Glad your dad really wasn't under arrest, lol :)

  2. haha thats too funny and crazy!! Thank God for having his ID on him. Lord only knows how long that would have taken to get through.