Monday, June 27, 2011

We have a plan!

I am one of those people who has to have a schedule.  Even when I am on vacation, I like to know what is planned for that day, around what time frame we will be doing each item.  It is not like I have to rush and make sure I am there on time (on vacation)...I just like to know what the day has in store for me :)

These past few weeks, since we found out I was a match for Jodi, they just kept saying it will be soon.  I know Jodi personally didn't want to know exactly when and I don't blame her...but I couldn't wait to find out the details of the transplant just so I could have a plan :)

I got the phone call today and I have a schedule...yay!  Looks like I will be traveling to Texas either July 9th or 10th because I have to check in to the hospital (not over night or anything...just as a patient) at 10AM on Monday, July 11th!  I will meet with one of her doctors and go over some "stuff" not really sure what it will be until we get there.  At that time, they will give me a more detailed schedule so I will know what all I need to do.  Not really sure what I will do the first few days besides talk to doctors but that weekend I will start taking the medicine that increase the production of my stem cells.  I have to take that medicine for a few days.  Then I think on Tuesday is when they actually take my cells from me.  They said since I am young and healthy they should get all that they need that day.  I go back in Wednesday for some lab tests and then they will let me know if they need more stem cells.  If so they take more and I go back the next day.  If not, they said I do a couple more tests and then I am free to go.  
Here is a diagram that kind of shows what is being done..
The only thing that is different is that the stem cells will be going to my sister and not back in my body.  So I am finished at step 3.  On July 20 (I think) Jodi will begin her high does of chemo and then after that she will receive my cells.  So I will actually be back in South Carolina by the time she starts the whole process.  After Jodi has her transplant she goes in isolation and will stay in the hospital for like 30 days and then goes to the apartment for 60 days.  As long as everything goes as planned, which it will, Jodi gets to come HOME at 100 days post transplant.  
This really really makes all this real (not that is wasn't before now but still...) and I know I may seem weird but I am so happy to have a plan and now that I can start to help Jodi soon....because you know...having your sibling be your perfect match is the difference between being in remission and possibly being cured.  Isn't that awesome??  So glad I am a match! :)


  1. Wow! That's incredible! Good luck to both of you on this journey! (And congrats on having the "plan" haha)
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  2. I'm pretty glad you're a match too :)

  3. I just started reading your blog today, so I don't know your history. But so awesome that you are able to help your sister!