Friday, June 3, 2011

Today is the day!

Today is the day....we are going to Texas.  I have actually always wanted to go to Texas but wish it wasn't for this reason :)  I am only going to Houston right now, I know it is just a big city and not really exciting like other cities in Texas..but oh well!  Maybe on my next trip out there, I can go to San Antonio or Austin :)
Here are a few things/people I get to see while I am there...
Jodi..the main reason for my trip

My mom

My Dad :)
I also get to see these people too!
One of my best friends Alix (and unofficial adopted sister) and her sweet baby Ben!

I finally get to meet BEN!!
Alix and her little family live in Austin now and they are planning on coming to see me this weekend! I can not wait.  I haven't seen Alix in like 2 years!

I finally get to go to this store....
Isn't it sad that I am excited about this? Ive love Target and I finally get to see a Super Target :)
Jodi also said we have to have this one night for supper...
Now this is a loaded backed potato!  Even has BBQ on it
Finally, I get to check out her hospital (she will be at her apartment but I want see the hospital anyways).  I am also going to try and donate platelets while I am there too!
Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I will be back Wednesday!!


  1. Mmmmm BBQ is soooo yummy :) Have a safe and wonderful trip!!!

  2. BTW I just passed on a Versatile Blogger award to you :)