Friday, October 14, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday!

1. The most selfless thing I've ever done was....I try to do selfless acts once in a while but I did something this summer that topped it all.  I donated my stem cells for my sister :)  Of course I didn't have to think about it, when I found out I was a match I was so excited and honored to be able to help Jodi.  I mean the day we found out she had leukemia, she looked at me and are going to save my life.  No pressure right?  So glad that we were prefect matches!
In progress
We thought this was funny..

The stem cells (3.94 million!)

2. When it comes to working out.... I wish I was more motivated.  I love walking but in the fall I cant seem to find the time with my work schedule.  I know that isn't a good excuse but I will get better!

3. A woman should always...listen to her heart.

4. I wish I could be better with my working out and then I'd be back in my preferred pant size! :)

5. A best friend is...someone who will always be there for you no matter what.

6. I can't get enough of......Clemson football...did you really think I would write a post during the fall without mentioning my tigers??

7. This weekend I am....very excited to stay home for the first time in seven weekends!  I have zero plans but to watch football on tv and clean my house...well, that sounds exciting for me :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!! Have a great weekend!


  1. It is so great that you were able to do that for your sister!! Have a great weekend!

  2. 1. You are so awesome. I can only hope that (IF) I was ever in that same situation my sis (and I) would do the same for each other.
    2. You can! Tell me your schedule.. I betcha I could show you the way. Not that you asked for unsolicited advice on that subject though,s o nevermind me. ;)
    Yay for the weekend!!!