Monday, October 24, 2011

I've been slack!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. Pintrest:  The main reason I have been slack with writing and reading blogs is because pintrest has taken over my spare time!  The main thing I look up are recipes, cake decorating, and Christmas decorating.  Here are a couple of my favorite things I want to try myself:
I made these for the tailgate on Saturday...they were yummy!

I want to make these for Wes sometime

These look amazing!

I love this!

Cant wait to make these :)

Snowmen are my favorite!!
 2. Cakes:  Football games give me an excuse to make cakes and have other people eat them.  I cant remember if I showed you my helmet cake or not.  Jodi found a pumpkin cake on pinterest and I couldn't wait to make a Clemson pumpkin...

3. Number 5!: As you all know...I am a little obsessed with my Tigers.  We are number 5 in the BCS poll now! I am so excited...Wes thinks it is really funny because I made him watch ESPN last night so we can see the BCS rankings.  He said I looked so nervous and excited, like a kid at Christmas, when they started talking about the top 5.  He isn't a die-hard college football fan, so he doesn't understand!  Being a Clemson fan I have set through MANY mediocre seasons and one bad season (last year) and I used to get excited when we got in the top he has to get used to me being thrilled right now!  We play at Georgia Tech this Saturday..and that is always a tough one for us.  So I hope the boys are ready so we can go 9-0!!
Love Boyd and Watkins!!
4. Jodi: Jodi and my mom are so very close to coming home!  She has her going home class at the hospital a week from today and then a bone marrow aspiration on day 90 so around November 6th I think.  So hopefully after they get the results from that her and mom will be able to pack up and make their way back to SC.  I know they are so excited to come home... April was a long time ago!!  I cant wait :)

5. Holidays:  I know this is random but I can not wait for the holidays.  It really hit me this past week!  I can not wait to have family get togethers for Thanksgiving and then all the parties and family time at Christmas.  I think my fall decorations in my house is what is causing my excitment.  I love this time of year and so happy it is here...even though I feel like it just left! I swear this year flew by!

Happy Monday!!


  1. LOVE Pinterest... another awesome time consumer! haha We've pinned some of the same things. I am SO making that snowman. My whole Christmas decor is snowmen. My fave!
    Thinking about your sis!

  2. All because of you I've been keeping an eye out on the Tigers...I'm don't know if I'm happy for the team or your's almost like all y'all have been through this year Clemson to be number 1 and go to the National Championship would be amazing!!! I know how avid of a fan y'all are!! Can't wait for Jodi to be home with y'all...a great wait to start the holiday season!!

  3. So excited for Jodi and your mom to get to come home! I know they are so excited!! Keep us posted!

  4. You need to tell us what all those goodies are!

  5. pinterest has taken up all of my time lately too! my husband is already nagging me about it and i've barely had an accoutn for 3 weeks =)

    and i can't wait for the holidays either -- and cooler weather!

    happy monday!