Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day

The day is finally here...I don't know what I am more excited about:  No more political ads, finding out who will be our next president or the end of the annoying talk on facebook!  I think the end on facebook wins it all!

I honestly love election night. I am glued to the TV watching as each state closes their polls and it looks like it will be another close election tonight!  I just hope it turns out the way I want it.  I am never the one to get in political debates on the Internet or really post about who I like but I will tonight.  I am a republican in every way.  I found a quiz last night on facebook and took it and found out that I support Romney/Ryan with 96%!
I wasn't the biggest fan of Romney to begin with but once he won the republican vote, I was officially a supporter.  In the beginning of all this I was actually a big fan of Herman Cain...too bad his past came back to haunt him.  I thought he was wonderful!!  I became a bigger fan of Romney when he chose Paul Ryan as his VP.  I really really like Paul Ryan...great choice!

I think I am the most excited about not hearing about people not liking Obama because he is black.  That irritates me to no end.  Now, I'm sure some people look at it like that lets be honest but just because you don't like Obama does not make you a racist!!  I don't like his views on marriage, abortion, Obamacare, small business owners, immigration, government assistance..I could go on and on. 

Really, I didn't mean for this to be a venting session but I guess Ive been holding it in some because people get so offensive on facebook.   I am proud to say that I am a republican and a supporter of Romney/Ryan!  (And yes, I was a HUGE George W supporter too!! :))

So I hope everyone went out and voted today.  Paige and I went this morning and only one person was in front of us so it took us no time to cast our vote and we got the cutest, tiniest little stickers ever...

Got to get off this computer and go watch Fox News and see who will be our next president!!

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