Monday, November 12, 2012

This Weekend I...

This weekend I... went to Clemson on Friday and got to see some of my favorite people.  First stop was Jodi's house so I could feed Miss Paige and Heather and Audrey stopped by for a short visit.  Always great to see them!
Then Jodi, Paige and I headed to meet more of my favorites..Julie and Richele.  Richele is from Barbados and we haven't seen each other since we graduated from Clemson...that was in 2005.  I was so very excited to finally see her!  We went to the stadium to see people we all used to work with and then was able to go visit Howard's Rock for a photoshoot.  Ive taken pictures there before but it is always during a game and there are a MILLION people there.  So it was very nice to have the privilege to go with it being just us there...there were some jealous people looking in on us though! It helps to have connections with the Athletic Department! 

After our lovely photo shoot, we headed over to where we all met...the Tennis Center.  We saw our coach, Nancy and took a couple pictures of course.  Then it was time for Paige and I to head back home to Greenwood.

This weekend I...left Paige at her Mimi's house and went back to Clemson for the football game.  I love going to the games but I HATE leaving my baby.  I thought about her ALL day.  I cant wait for her to be able to go to the games with me...just a little to small right now!  I saw Julie and Richele again and just hung out at the tailgate.  Then watched Clemson beat Maryland.  It was a great day but man was I ready to get home to this....

This weekend I... hung out with my baby Saturday night and Sunday.  It was wonderful and I loved every second I have with her!  Look how cute she is watching TV like a big girl..
I had her propped up and she loved it!

This weekend I...went to Edgefield with Wes and Paige to see a friend of his that was in town from Florida.  Can I tell you how impressive this man is.  His name is Dr. Robert Carey and he is an amazing doctor.  I googled him and he is voted the Top Robotic Urologist in the Country and one of the best in the world.  He performs his surgeries by robots and he is the one that engineers them too.  Needless to say he is one smart man.  I have heard so much about him and was glad to finally meet him.  He was not what I expected.  He was the most Southern country man and was just awesome.  We had a great time at his property.  He took us around on his Kubota and took a tour of all his hunting fields and crops.  He will be back visiting from Sarasota next week and I think we are having a "Thanksgiving" dinner with him on Wednesday night.  We are so lucky to have met him!

This weekend I...cooked a huge pot of Taco Soup.  I am so excited about having that for lunch everyday this good!

This weekend I... loved on my baby every second I was able to since I wont be with her every second this week. I hate that work interferes with my Paige time!!


  1. Love the Howard's Rock photoshoot!

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