Monday, November 5, 2012

Well..November 5th is here

I have been DREADING November 5th since September 10th when I figured out my maternity leave.  Everyone said the days would fly by and man were they right.  Its funny though..when I think back to the day Miss Paige was born..that feels like forever ago.  One good thing about today is that I have a great person keeping Paige at our house so I didnt have to drop her off at day care today...I think I would have really been upset if I did that.  I know that she is being held and spoiled all day with Gerri keeping her!  I am just counting down the time until my lunch break so I can go home and hold and love on my baby girl. 

I hate to tell Wesley that I am upset about going back to work and hate that I cant be a stay at home mom (that has been my dream for years) because it just makes him feel bad that I had to go to work too.  He would also love for me to stay at home least half the day anyways.  But we have to get some things paid off first...truck, 4wheeler, hospital bills, etc.  Wes keeps telling me hopefully in a year things will be different and I may not have to work full time anymore.  So keep your fingers crossed!!

So today may be the longest day of my life but I will get through it! :)  (looking at pictures sure does help!)


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