Friday, November 16, 2012

What about Thanksgiving?!?!

So don't get me wrong, Christmas is my favorite time of year and I cant wait to decorate my house and get ready for the holidays...but what about Thanksgiving??  Doesn't it seem that Christmas comes earlier and earlier each year.  My hometown has been decorated for like two weeks now.  They have already had Santa come and had the big lighting of the tree.  Too early? I think so!  Why not wait until Thanksgiving is over to enjoy?

I love Thanksgiving and really look forward to spending the day with our families without all the commerical build up!  But each year it is getting harder and harder to do that because all that is on people's minds is Christmas and of course this...
I have only been shopping on Black Friday one time and I can honestly say that if I never go again I would be fine with that!  I like shopping but I don't mind paying a little bit extra to avoid annoying people and long lines.  I love cyber Monday :)  I always feel bad for the people who work in stores that open so early in the morning..I have to wonder if they were able to celebrate Thanksgiving??

That is even more the case this year.  I hear shops are opening with their big sales at 8pm on THANKSGIVING!! is that considered Black Friday sales??  Shouldn't you have to wait until Friday?  I still don't get why the awful hours for the sales.  Why not open at like 6 am or something?  You would still get the die hard shoppers and those who are against it will still be against it!  

Again..I feel bad for the employees.  I was told this morning that some Target employees are trying to protest the hours..can you blame them? Let everyone have their Thanksgiving lunch/dinners with their family and then get some sleep and THEN go to work for the madness.  

I know that America really could care less about how I feel about this day but I just had to vent!  I am personally boycotting Black Friday...or is it Black Thursday?  I was going to when I thought it didn't start until midnight but now hearing that it starts at defiantly will not see me shopping!  My Thanksgiving meals/celebrations will be over by then...but Thanksgiving Day will still be going on...Christmas can start when I wake up the day after Thanksgiving :)

So if you plan on shopping on Thursday and Friday..hope you have fun doing this :)


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